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Airsoft gun on the grass.
Societies at uni range from the crazy (hula hoops and quidditch) to the traditional (debating society). Airsoft is growing in popularity among students and is definitely one to consider.
Woman lying down.
We asked what ‘strange’ things you guys have been getting up to in lockdown that seem totally normal now but five weeks ago would have been really weird. Here’s what we got:
Man watching Netflix on a tablet.
Now is as good a time as any to get your teeth into a good documentary. And to save you endless scrolling, we’ve picked out some of the weirdest and most wonderful that Netflix has to offer.
Netflix on flatscreen TV mounted on wall.
With everything going on in the world right now, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed. We’ve prepared a list of some great Netflix comedies, so you can take your mind off things the right way.
21 things to do for your 21st birthday
The year you (supposedly) get the keys to the house. The year you can apply to adopt a child. The year you can finally get a license to fly an aeroplane or gyroplane. You know–endless possibilities.
Best Festival Outfits 2019
As muddy and crowded as they are, we all love a good summer festival. Here are some of the best looks from this year to give you some summer fashion inspiration!
How To Throw The Ultimate Student BBQ
BBQs are an essential bit of summer fun but throwing your first one can be daunting. Find out some top tips to make sure yours goes smoothly!