National Vegetarian Week: best veg recipes on TikTok & Insta

Freddie Parker on 16 May 2023
Top down view of ingredients laid out for a vegetarian meal.

Why not try some of these delicious vegetarian and plant-based recipes? Do it for the planet.

The theme for this year’s National Vegetarian Week is “make your meal better by miles”. We’ve spoken before about why you should cut down on meat and dairy, but what does tasty vegetarian food actually look like? These plant-based influencers can help you find recipes that both excite your taste buds and reduce your food’s carbon footprint.

Mushroom tacos

Available on both platforms, Maya’s recipes always look peng. Step by step instructions that you can actually follow make her content stand out above the rest. These mushroom tacos have my mouth watering.

Wild plant crystals

Alexis is known largely for her foraging content, a hobby that seems to have become super popular recently. Whenever she shows something you can forage, she’ll show you how she cooked it too. These floral sweets look both aesthetic af and delicious.



♬ original sound - Alexis Nikole

Sweet potato dahl

Maybe you’ve seen their cakes in Tesco, but the boys at Bosh put out consistently tasty recipes via Insta and TikTok. Curry is a pretty easy one to adapt to a vegetarian diet, but this dahl would be great to cook in bulk and store for the future.


A post shared by BOSH! by Henry & Ian (

Spicy tofu sticks

Remy, aka veggiekins on TikTok, always shares tantalising recipes, presenting them in pleasing ways. For those not in the know, tofu is actually pretty amazing. Perhaps this recipe could be the start of your love affair with the bean curds.

@veggiekins IYKYK—erewhon tofu sticks but made at home and baked, not fried! super easy to make, vegan, gluten free and high in protei. Full recipe on my site veggiekinsblog dot com and in my profile πŸ˜— #erewhon #erewhonmarket #tofu #vegan #veganrecipes #vegantiktok #highprotein #glutenfree #foodontiktok #healthyrecipes ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version - Andy Morris

Tower burger

This is less a recipe, more inspiration. The account @uglyvegan shares their beige diet to slam against toxic diet culture and show that vegan food can be comforting too. Grab yourself some fake burgers and stack it up like she did.


A post shared by UGLY VEGAN (@uglyvegan)

Vegan reuben sandwich

Some things are hard to let go of, like reuben sandwiches. Will Edmonds not only makes great vegan comfort food but also reviews vegan food in the real world. If you’re not familiar with this sandwich, prepare to have your mind blown.

@willedmond If you want a delicious Reuben, this one is it! I teamed up with @walmart to make this classic sandwich for St. Patrick’s Day and it was mouthwatering for sure! @Walmart has many vegan options that anyone thinking about going plant based! (AD) #vegan #food #veganrecipes #veganfood #plantdaddy ♬ original sound - WillEdmond

Cold korean soft tofu

Rose of @cheaplazyvegan brings loads of quick, budget-friendly meals to the table. This tofu dish can be thrown together in a matter of minutes, great for quick lunches and lazy dinners.

Fried “chicken” sandwich

Sometimes you want nothing more than dirty, juicy, crunchy fried chicken, especially after a night out. Not that you’ll be making this after the club, but George Lee’s recipe would definitely bring you back to life the next day.

@chez_jorge Reply to @chez_jorge this is my death-row meal 🀝 #vegan #koreanfood ♬ original sound - George Lee

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 16 May 2023