Ten struggles of studying in the uni library

Freddie Parker on 2 May 2023
A graduate in a cap and gown holding books in a library

Your uni library is an amazing resource, filled with knowledge and built for you to excel in. If only it always felt like that.

Mouth noises

Whether it’s the chomping of crunchy snacks, that person whose cough shouldn’t be in public or that guy who whistles while they concentrate, it’s distracting. Like yeah of course eating is fine and something everyone does, but don’t make that our problem.

People watching TikToks

It’s so important to take regular breaks when studying to allow your brain time to process the information. What you do in those breaks is up to you. Go for a walk, do some stretches, maybe even watch something funny. But why do some people think the latter is something you can do without headphones? The goofy ahh soundboard is not conducive to a good studying environment.

People making TikToks

Picture this, you’ve just got yourself into a flow state, ready to blitz your dissertation planning for the day. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see movement and can hear the restrained shuffling of TikTokers dancing. C’mon guys, there are people tryna work here, go do that in the group study section.

Phone calls

Life happens and phone calls get made. The momentary ring as someone rushes to answer or reject the phone call isn’t the issue. The issue is when it’s answered and the conversation isn’t taken outside. Just take it outside!

Giggling and whispering

Sometimes it can feel like some people never really grew up. And that’s okay, no one needs to abandon their childhood interests. You still love Pokemon? Great. Adore shows like Bluey? Still fine. What’s not so fine is chatting up a storm and giggling while people are trying to get on with their revision.

Bodily functions

Okay, so no one can help when nature calls, but half the stress of working in the library is holding in the gas until you can make it to somewhere like a loo. You also never want to be the person who makes everyone around you jump out of their seats because you sneezed. It’d be nice if you could just hit pause on your bodily functions.

Smelly food

Sure, a sausage roll and a packet of cheese & onion crisps is a god-tier snack but they come with an odour. Libraries already come pre-packed with their own great smell, why ruin it with garlic breath? Keep it in the group study sections, where there are already plenty of distractions.

Eating in complete silence

We’ve spoken about hearing and smelling others’ food, but it’s also super awkward trying to not disturb the peace with your own snacks. The way our skulls are shaped means that any crunches sound way louder than they really are. This isn’t carte blanche to not try to keep the noise down though 👀


One little doom scroll. Ooh a Wikipedia rabbit hole. Hmm I should really sort my nails out soon. Everyone does it. Some are better than others at keeping it brief. What were we talking about again?

The urge to leave

Your brain knows you can just get up and go at any point. You know you can leave whenever you feel. It’s a matter of willpower and determination, especially if you’re studying in a group and they suggest something that might tempt you away.

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 2 May 2023