How to plan the perfect Open Day

Ciéra Creeon 15 December 2023
How to plan the perfect Open Day

Got some dates on the calendar for 2024? Here's how to plan the perfect Open Day!

The date marked in your calendar is finally arriving. But aside from grabbing a notebook to scribble down nuggets of knowledge from your taster classes, what else should you be doing to gain from your Open Day experience? What can you do to test whether this city is truly for you?

Pretend that you are already a student

Entering an Open Day with the mindset of “am I going to fit in?” is common and completely normal. However, it can be more beneficial to see your prospective campus in the headspace of “will this place fit in with me?”. Have fun walking around, and imagine yourself as a student. Try to forget your nerves for a while and lean into the fact that you’re where could potentially be the start of an exciting new chapter. Then, after the day ends, consider whether it’s the kind of place where you actually want to stay.

Explore the immediate area

The location of your university is a big part of what will be both your student as well as personal experience. After attending any on-campus events, plan to take time to explore the local area around the building. Are there places where you could see your future self unwinding after an exam? Does the atmosphere calm you or stress you out? Stopping to see how you feel about the location before any workload kicks in will help inform your firm-choice decision.

Look for the essentials

Playing spot the grocery store or hunting down the nearest bus stop is likely not what most people classify as fun. However, checking for necessary amenities and having the reassurance that they are there is a smart move. Even taking ten minutes on Open Day to run through the essentials will put your future self at ease. 

Look for what you love

If you like going to bars, search up in advance whether there are any near to where you’re going. If café-hopping is your cup of tea, take a moment to note down any places around the city that catch your eye. Then, go along with a few of your prospective classmates or wander down by yourself as a way to relax.

It’s easy to focus on other people and the desire to fit in when attending university events, but it’s important to remember that it can be rewarding to spend time with yourself, too. If you don’t have time on the Open Day itself taking a solo date around the area at a later date is a great way to learn how you truly feel about it.

Bus ride to the other side

After on-campus plans come to a close, take a bus in any direction just for the experience. It doesn’t matter where you are going – in fact you will most likely have no clue where you’re going. But that’s the point! Enjoy the thrill of the unknown and the sense of independence it brings as you rush down new streets that may become yours to explore. Bonus points if you’re up high on a double-decker.

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Ciéra Creeon 15 December 2023