About Student Hut

Student Hut is the UK’s most engaged and diverse voice for student life

Student Hut was launched in 2013 to give the next generation of students transparency on all aspects of student life.

With our super-engaged Student Pulse, Student Hut provides students with a platform to get their voice heard and tell institutions and brands what they care about most and how they want organisations to support them best. 

The Student Pulse drives the content and partnerships we produce for our student audience to ensure that we’re always at the forefront in terms of what students want to read, watch, or learn. Student Hut gives students a platform to speak about the issues they care about and is the most engaged and diverse voice for student life.

Student Hut was born! 👶🏼

Dan, a former student from the University of Leeds, realised that there was a lack of impartial information to help students with their higher education choices and set about to change that... 👊🏼

We reached 5,000 Reviews 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻

After doing the Fresher's tour, the reviews started pouring in from students across the country and Student Hut quickly became a key resource for students and schools across the country 🏫

We were on the bloody TV! 📺

...and in all the national newspapers! Our community of students helping students caught the attention of the national press, as we joined the discussion around increased student complaints in light of tuition fee rises. Dan was invited to be on BBC Breakfast in front of 7 million viewers...😱 Dan was happy he didn't throw up on live TV 🤮

He was then invited back to be on local news programmes and BBC's Daily Politics where Jo Coburn called Student Hut 'The TripAdvisor for Universities.'

We think that sums us up perfectly... 👏🏼

We got our first office 🏢

As the Student Hut family grew, we moved out of Dan's kitchen (to the relief of his girlfriend) and into our very own, little office (little being the operative word...) #CosyAF

...and we also added in a dash of Goldeneye 64 (the greatest game of all time!) 🏎

We launched the first-of-its-kind Pick a Degree Quiz 📊

With over 35,000 courses and 426 universities to choose from, we made it easier to narrow down your options and compare courses side by side 📈

We grew to over 100,000 users! 👍🏼

A major milestone for our awesome community as 100,000 of you rockstars signed up to Student Hut! 🤘🏼

We became part of Natives Group 🍾

Natives Group are passionate about helping young people; from running fostering and adoption campaigns through to connecting students to higher education institutions.

Student Hut are on a mission for increased transparency in higher education to support students.

Steve (head honcho at Natives Group) met with Dan and it was clear that the fit between the 2 companies was perfect.

Natives group acquired Student Hut and with the support and resources of a global agency behind us, we would be able to scale at a rapid rate to achieve our mission of becoming the biggest and best student review site; providing the most comprehensive and impartial resource to support our incredible community of students! ❤️

We added new review categories ⭐️

We'd known for a long time that there's so much more to university than just academics - the support of Natives meant we had resource to add review categories on lifestyle elements of uni life including: Accommodation, Student Cities, University Clubs & Societies, Nightlife and Freshers' Weeks

With 1000s of you already leaving your opinions in the form of reviews, we also launched the Student Hut Opinion Panel to allow our community to take part in paid market research 🤑

We hit 100,000 reviews... 🎯

...and added even more review categories to continue our mission to be the best student review site for ALL areas of university life including student bank accounts, graduate employers as well as broadband, energy, insurance & mobile phone network providers.

We launched our Best For 2019 Awards! 🥇

...and our Student Hut Study Tuber rank to provide the UK's first list of top student study tubers as a useful resource for our growing community.

Plus we launched our brand spanking new website to make Student Hut even easier to use and packed with more useful features to help support your university decisions! 📱

What's Next? 🤷🏻‍♂️

With over 1 million users regularly turning to Student Hut for advice, we're still growing really fast and have so many exciting things coming up, from an app to our international expansion!

We never forget that students are at the heart of what we do and we love when we can help them and then they can help others. It's what we're all about and that will never change! 💯

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