About Student Hut

Student Hut is the UK’s most engaged and diverse voice for student life

Student Hut was launched in 2013 to give the next generation of students transparency on all aspects of student life.

With our super-engaged Student Pulse, Student Hut provides students with a platform to get their voice heard and tell institutions and brands what they care about most and how they want organisations to support them best. 

The Student Pulse drives the content and partnerships we produce for our student audience to ensure that we’re always at the forefront in terms of what students want to read, watch, or learn. Student Hut gives students a platform to speak about the issues they care about and is the most engaged and diverse voice for student life.

Student Hut is born

Student Hut was founded by Dan, a former student from the University of Leeds. Dan’s mission was to create an impartial platform that could help students with their higher education choices.Four people, including Dan, wearing a Student Hut t-shirt with Student Hut banners behind them.

Student Hut makes its first televised appearance

Our student community made it to the national press when we were invited to the BBC Breakfast show to discuss the increase in student complaints following the hike in tuition fees. We reached an audience of seven million viewers!

Screenshot of Dan on BBC Breakfast

The first Student Hut office opens

Thanks to our rapid growth, the time came to move out of Dan’s kitchen and into our first office. It was a bit of a squeeze, but it was ours!

We launched the first-of-its-kind Pick a Degree Quiz

With over 35,000 courses and 426 universities to choose from, our Pick a Degree Quiz made it easier to narrow down your options and make an informed decision.

Student Hut hits 100,000 users

This was a major milestone for our awesome student community, which demonstrated that we must be doing something right!

We became part of Natives Group

Student Hut was acquired by Net Natives, the student-specialist marketing agency, with the aim of making the sector more transparent and supportive for students.

Since joining Natives, we’ve gone from strength to strength, with our successful Student Pulse research panel empowering students to make their voice heard and create the change they want to see in the Higher Education sector.

Big group of people smiling at the camera in the Net Natives office.
We launched our StudyTuber rankings

Our unique StudyTuber rankings remain the only online catalogue of student content creators. Our state-of-the-art algorithm ensures that rankings are updated monthly, based on factors including content output, post engagement, and follower counts.

We helped our community through the toughest period for students in recent history

2020 was a challenging year for everybody, but students at every level of education were affected more than most. From the A-Levels fiasco, to the accommodation crisis, the pandemic’s impact was felt by everybody.

In a bid to support our student community through the crisis, our research team launched the Covid Tracker for our panel, which gave those affected the opportunity to talk about the issues affecting them and how institutions could better cater to their wellbeing. Over the space of three months, we received more than 3,750 responses from students at all levels of education who wanted to make their voices heard.

We launched our ‘Best for 2021’ recommendations

With so many products out there, it can be tough to work out what you’ll actually need as a student. That’s why we launched Best of 2021, our comprehensive guide to the student life’s essential items. We created the ranking ourselves by surveying our student community and it covers 13 categories, ranging from tablets to bank accounts.

Student Hut continues to support students

With the full launch of Student Pulse, we are better equipped to hear your goals and concerns than ever before. Student Hut has carried on taking care of its student community with relevant content, exciting competitions, and useful partnerships with brands and charities. No matter what, we will continue to support our student community.

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