Student Hut Recommended

Student Hut Recommended

Look, we know this whole ‘living alone’ thing can be tough, especially when it comes to the boring stuff - insurance, banking, finances, etc etc. 

So we wanna make things a bit easier for you. Here are the brands and companies that the Student Hut community recommends when it comes to important adult stuff, plus some more fun recommendations as well, because life is about balance after all…

Best Banks


1. Santander 1|2|3 Student

The classic account that comes with a free 16-25 railcard, saving you a third on all fares.


2. Monzo

The coral red card with an easy-to-use app interface and no international transaction charges.


3. HSBC Student Bank Account

Tailor-made for students, HSBC allows you to pay your mates at the tap of a button, making those rounds at the pub and taxi fares even easier to split.


4. Nationwide Flex Student

As well as being the UK's only fee-free provider, Nationwide offers a tiered overdraft scheme of up to £3,000 over your three years at uni.


5. NatWest Student Account

Along with an interest-free overdraft of up to £2,000, you can get a free Amazon Prime Student membership, a tastecard or a National Express Coachcard.

Best Insurance


1. Admiral

An ideal provider for first years, Admiral looks after thousands of students across the country with their comprehensive home insurance packages.


2. Barclays

Barclays Home Insurance covers everything inside your house, as well as for the stuff in your garden. If that’s not enough, they’re chucking in free shopping vouchers for new customers.


3. Aviva

Covering everything from phones to bikes, Aviva provides a comprehensive insurance package.

Hastings Direct

4. Hastings Direct

Insure cars, bikes and home contents with flexible cover and wide range of optional extras.


5. Endsleigh

The Insurance Choice Awards voted them the 'Best Student Insurance Provider' at the ICAs 2019, and clearly they still hold up.

Top Budgeting Tool

Voucher Codes

1. VoucherCodes

Save money online with vouchers off pretty much anything. Vouchers are regularly checked as well, so no getting to the checkout stage and realising you’ve got a broken code.


2. SplitWise

Easily keep track of expenses incurred or amounts due for bills and pay people back exact percentages/splits of the sum.


3. Plum

Link your bank account to the app and it will track your spending and put away small amounts of savings automatically.


4. SplitSave

Save on trips to see mates/commuting by splitting your train ticket into multiple smaller journeys, with no limitations on travel.


5. Emma

Keep track of any subscriptions, cancelling any you don't use. It also helps you to sync your expenses with your payday and avoid costly overdrafts.

Top Job Boards


1. Indeed

Indeed provides comprehensive job-seeking tools across all industries and levels of qualification.


2. TargetJobs

TargetJobs has information for students at any point in their university education, including where to find courses to develop career prospects.

Student Job

3. StudentJob

As well as being a platform for graduates and those early in their professional careers, StudentJob has listings for part-time or summer jobs perfect for students.


4. GradTouch

This graduate job board provides a robust overview of the companies it advertises. Potential applicants can then see if this company is right for them and learn how best to apply for the position.


5. Windō

Easily access, digest and compare the sustainability plans and progress of potential employers and brands, all in one place.

Top Foodkits


1. Gousto

Sustainable packaging and a plastic-free insulator keeps the food fresh on its way to you. You will occasionally receive surprise gifts too.

Simply Cook

2. Simply Cook

In a letterbox-sized package, you will receive spice mixes and other ingredients, to combine with 4-6 ingredients from your cupboard.

Pasta Evangelists

3. Pasta Evangelists

A student staple, Pasta Evangelists help you elevate your pasta dishes with authentic ingredients and recipes.

Green Chef

4. Green Chef

Green Chef has five dietary options to choose from, including the UK's first keto-friendly meal kit. They provide highly detailed nutrition information and you can even mix and match the dietary options.


5. Allplants

One for the veggies, Allplants provide healthy and tasty plant-based meals with chef-prepared recipes delivered right to your door.

Top Wellbeing Apps


1. Headspace

Proven results, simple graphics, and science-backed techniques underpin this mindfulness and meditation app. If you buy a year's subscription, you can also get a two-week free trial.


2. Calm

Calm has a wide variety of self-improvement exercises, ranging from walking meditation to non-judgement to mindfulness.

Insight Timer

3. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that features the largest library of guided meditations. The app hosts meditation teachers from around the globe, allowing for a culturally relevant experience for the user.


4. Balance

Improve sleep, stress-levels and more, Balance helps you tailor different meditations to suit your specific needs.

Stop, Breathe & Think

5. Stop, Breathe, Think

This mindfulness app that encourages users to understand their emotions with check-ins and journaling activities.

Top Dating Apps


1. Hinge

Based on the premise of effective dating, Hinge uses a Nobel-prize-winning algorithm to match you with potential partners. Hinge's voice notes feature also provides an entertaining way to do a quick vibe check.


2. Tinder

The blueprint. Need we say more?


3. Bumble

Bumble was the first dating app to allow women to make the first move, bypassing conventional gender norms. The app prioritises kindness and fosters respect.


4. Grindr

This location-based dating app tells you who's in your area and what they're looking for. One of the first apps of its type for gay men, Grindr is a great option for anyone in the MLM community.


5. Feeld

Another location-based dating app, Feeld helps facilitate communication around a range of alternative relationship models and sexual preferences.

Top UK Student Cities


1. London

Thanks to the sheer volume of things to do, The Big Smoke is still the number one destination for students. With 18 different universities based all over the city, you're bound to make friends here wherever you end up. 


2. Manchester

Manchester is a wonderful city to study in. There's plenty to do in town during the day, with vibrant neighbourhoods like the Northern Quarter teeming with action. Thanks to powerhouse venues like The Warehouse Project, the evenings more than pull their weight too. 


3. Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is a must-see for anyone looking for the perfect city break. Here, you’ll find chic restaurants, trendy bars and plenty of history, all in a city steeped in Gothic architecture. 


4. York

The perfect place for a pub crawl, York is well-known for having more than 365 pubs across the city. As well as this, York has a rich (and bloody) history that gives the city a unique vibe. 


5. Liverpool

Whether you're soaking in the beauty of the Three Graces or out for the night on Seel Street, you're bound to love everything Liverpool has to offer. There isn't a city quite like this jewel on the Mersey.

Top European Student Cities


1. Amsterdam

The laid-back local culture and wealth of parks, museums, bars, and more make this a place everyone should come and check out at least once. Just remember, moderation is key…


2. Barcelona

The Catalan capital features eclectic nightlife, award-winning restaurants, and street entertainment for the city slickers, while Barca's sandy coastline and Gaudi parks will appeal to the beach loungers and nature lovers.


3. Berlin

A party lover's dream, with crazy club events that often last entire weekends. If going out isn't your thing, don't worry though; you'll still be charmed by the city's wonderful sights and incredible history.


4. Prague

Another European city with a distinctly old feel to it; you'll do well to have more fun on a budget in any other cities. A place where you can get lunch and a beer for less than £10. What's not to love?


5. Milan

Whether you're after an extended break or a weekend away, Italy's fashion capital is a wonderful city for a university getaway. You'll never be short of things to do in Milan.

Top Food Delivery Service

Uber Eats

1. Uber Eats

Keep an eye out for student discounts with Uber Eats; your institution may have codes to get you money off your next order.


2. Deliveroo

With offers for new customers and occasional student promotions, this is another app that may have given your university voucher codes.

Just Eat

3. Just Eat

One of the longest-running online delivery services, Just Eat hosts loads of your favourite restaurants and fast-food establishments.

Too Good To Go

4. Too Good To Go

Start saving food and money with Too Good To Go. Sign up and get notified when cafes and restaurants near you have excess food at the end of the day that they’re willing to sell at a very reasonable price.


5. Tesco

A true classic. Tesco has a Delivery Saver monthly subscription that covers delivery fees. Combine this with a Clubcard for some great deals.