The ten best interrailing destinations

Jago Redmanon 15 August 2023
Looking out the window of a train travelling through Germany

Thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone and travelling across Europe? Here are the best places to go interrailing while young and broke.


The Charles Bridge, Prague

It’s a city known for its incredible architecture, exhilarating nightlife and rich history. There’s enough there to entertain any traveller. Prague is good for budget travellers and won’t punish your wallet the same way other European cities can. Being in the centre of Europe, it’s easy to get to, and from Prague you can go in several different directions (such as Vienna, Budapest or Berlin) depending on what you want from your interrailing experience.


Amsterdam canal in the evening

Whether you love to party or prefer a quiet afternoon in an idyllic city, there’s something for you. Amsterdam has loads of festivals and events throughout the year which helps attract other young travellers. It’s also famous for its ‘coffee shops’, canals and fields of flowers. With a blend of cultural, historical and recreational experiences, it’s perfect for anyone. 


Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

Warsaw is jam-packed with culture. This includes historical activities like the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. It also has amazing architecture, for example in the old town. Warsaw is in a good position along interrail lines, so a great stop along the way. What’s best is how cheap everything is with a pint costing around a fiver.


A view of Lake Spiez, Interlaken

This resort town is known for adventure, making it the perfect place for travellers who enjoy an adrenaline rush of things like paragliding. It’s surrounded by hiking and skiing trails with dense forests and lovely picturesque mountains all around. 


Vienna skyline in the evening

Vienna is full of rich cultural heritage. With its history of music and art, you’ll walk round the city for ages seeing incredible architecture, or go to Prater Park and see the sunset.  


Nyhavn, a canal district in Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen has a rich history and a vibrant culture which attracts thousands of tourists each year. There, you can see famous landmarks like the Little Mermaid Statue. Copenhagen also hosts several events and festivals throughout the year such as the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. 


A castle in the middle of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bled is renowned for its stunning scenery. The iconic Lake Bled is the main attraction. It’s a glacial lake with an island and church in the middle which is home to the Assumption Mary Church. The lake is surrounded by mountains and forests, perfect for nature lovers and offers activities in the lake like paddleboarding, swimming or kayaking.


Berlin cityscape in the evening

Berlin is drenched in history from the Holy Roman Empire to the tumultuous twentieth century. Many people are drawn to the city to see the remains from the great wars such as the Berlin Wall or Checkpoint Charlie. For those who like to party, Berlin's nightlife is also legendary with a wide range of bars, clubs and underground parties you’ll be spoilt for choice. 


Tourists on a boat in Bruges

Bruges is a charming and historic city in Belgium, often called ‘Venice of the North’ due to its canal system. Interrailers can enjoy a boat ride down the canal providing a different perspective of the beautiful city. Belgium is also known for its beer and Bruges is no exception the city has several beer manufactures, several beer bars and even beer museums. 


A beach in Barcelona

With some of the nicest beaches in Europe, interrailers can soak up the sun before swimming and participating in watersports. Spanish cuisine is amazing, known for tapas, paella and fresh seafood. Finally, the nightlife there is booming. With festivals and events all year round you won’t run out of things to do. 

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Jago Redmanon 15 August 2023