Student Advice

Man sat on a roof working
Maintaining a good work-life balance and wellbeing is difficult, but remember that work isn’t everything. Check out our tips for better work-life balance.
Person proofreading their work
With dissertation deadlines approaching, knowing how to thoroughly check your work is vital. Find out how to professionally proofread your work.
Camera in foreground set up to shoot the people soft focused in the background
Whether it’s for a hobby or the potential career prospects, learning the ins and outs of filming is a fun way to express your creativity.
Student carrying textbooks and a backpack
Studying postgrad straight after your undergraduate degree can be stressful. Here’s why you might want to hang on for a year before starting.
A modern semi-detached house
House hunting season has begun! Looking for accommodation can seem daunting, and it’s hard to know where to start. We're going to share our advice to help you kick things off.