Our favourites of the qualifiers for Eurovision 2023

Freddie Parker on 12 May 2023
The Eurovision 2023 trophy

Europe’s biggest song contest is finally back again. Let’s have a look at our favourites going through to the final.

The semi-finals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 wrapped up last night and we now know who outside of the big five will be at the grand finale. Of those who didn’t get a place automatically, here are who we think the best are.


Straight out of left field, this wild performance is unforgettable. High camp starting looks with a reveal of tighty whities. It’s honestly a serve. All backed by an actually decent song with a huge chorus.


One of the favourites in the competition and it’s not hard to see why. The looks are bold and the dancers remind me of that Smile film with those weird rubber teeth. But tbh I would absolutely go ape to this at an alternative night.


What if there was a sea shanty that slayed? ✨That’s what Norway brought with them this year. Not only is the costume top tier but this bouncy little bop is a bit of an earworm. Gonna be in my head for days.


The Portuguese entry was directed by Bob Fosse from beyond the grave. This somewhat Liza, somewhat Marilyn performance is camp as all hell. And it’s ostrich feather so you know it’s expensive, dahling.


Category is… business realness. A high fashion office look paired with an actually quite strong ballad in a sea of mid ones. There’s also one of the most impressive high notes of this year’s entries.


The fierceness is off the charts with this one. Big bop with a powerful message and a fantastic design. The production is amazing as well as the outfits. They all looked like they were having a great time too.


Bringing just the teensiest bit of metal to this year’s Eurovision, Voyager’s track goes hard. The live vocals were amazing at the semi-final. As was not only the guitar solo but the KEYTAR solo too. Also, a couple of the members committed to a glitter beard.


Imagine Billie Eilish did What Does the Fox Say? That’s the vibe of Austria’s 2023 entry. Their look and the song are perfect for this competition. It’s a mix of couture, goofy lyrics and a catchy chorus.

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Cover photo credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 12 May 2023