Your Halloween plans based on your favourite course

Ciéra Creeon 30 October 2023
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Have you ever wondered if your favourite course at college affects what you do for Halloween? Well we have. And here's what we think...

Spooky SZN is nearly over for another year. Here's what we think you're doing (or not doing) based on your favourite subject at college! 

Who would be the most and least likely to…


Enter a haunted house

Most: Criminology and Investigative Studies

It would be a crime (ha!) not to use this time of year as a way to test out your investigative abilities. While your friends use you as a human shield, you walk around inquisitively in search of paranormal activity. Don’t forget your flashlight!

Least: Computer Science

The thought of roaming around a dark, dusty house just doesn’t appeal. You would much rather stay in your office chair, surrounded by the familiarity of your beloved pixels.


Hand out sweets at the door

Most: Child Development Studies or Education Studies

A day of kids wearing cute costumes AND getting to give them free things? Your heart simply cannot deal. It’s hard to tell at this point who is more excited about Halloween rolling back around.

Least = Dental Studies

As much as all things are good in moderation, you’re already anticipating a queue out the door of every practice in a fifty-mile radius. Doing your part to be the hero of a few cavities feels like the least you can do this year.


To go all out on the dressing up

Most: Drama

As if you didn’t know this would be you. It won’t officially be Halloween until a flock of drama students are seen faking death in the middle of a corridor. Just try to save some of the hype for your Halloween party, as I’m sure you will play a part in organising something.

Least: Psychology or Social Work

When you’re used to always considering what goes on behind the mask of others, you may spend this holiday season caught up in pondering the reason behind other’s outfits. Now why did the guy in the back of your class choose Frankenstein over dressing up as a traffic cone…?


Winner of the pumpkin carving contest

Most: Art or Maths

Pumpkin carving is the perfect excuse to bust out your creative flair or knack for snazzy geometric shapes. As you watch the rest of our poor creations descend into chaos, you continue meticulously crafting your seasonal decor. The envy is palpable.

Least: Food Technology or Nutrition

The sight of so much wasted pumpkin is the true horror of this Halloween. Instead of adding to the pile you begin making your way through blending a tenth batch of seasonal soup. May as well throw in five batches of cookies, too, while you’re at it.


The teller of the ghost stories

Most: English Literature or History

Your extensive knowledge of books and haunted libraries may not be deemed as purely “nerdy” now. As people gather around to hear your weaving tales, flitting from words of ghosts to anecdotes of witches from centuries gone, you’re reminded of just why you love what you study.

Least: Physics

By the time you finish explaining why witches flying on broomsticks defies several gravitational laws, Halloween has ended. Guess we know who’s stuck left behind picking up all the party cups.


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Ciéra Creeon 30 October 2023