Jobs and Finance

An interviewer examining a CV on a clipboard
Where should you begin with writing the perfect CV? Follow our top tips to get seen by your employer and land the job.
woman using laptop
Wondering how you can afford your degree when everything is so expensive? Find out how much uni will cost you and what loans you're entitled to.
Coins in a savings jar
If you’re considering doing a Master’s but are on a budget, then you’re probably already asking yourself how you will afford it.
A teacher in a secondary school classroom
Want to travel, inspire and get 13 weeks of paid holiday each year? Teaching is a great option for many people, find out why it could be great for you too.
Woman with red hair sat in a restaurant with a laptop
Studenteer is an exciting new opportunity for students and graduates alike to broaden your horizons and give back to your local community.
Environment agents researching on an overcast day
Does a career in the public sector appeal to you? Maybe you should consider applying for a role at the Environment Agency, where no two days are ever the same.
Various accounting documents with notes scribbled on, post-its attached, and a phone with the calculator app open
There's more to being an accountant than just crunching the numbers. Lianne breaks down the role for us this week.
Female scientist creating samples to be tested
This week in our Dream Jobs series, we focus on epidemiology. If you like interpreting data and are interested in public health, this could be the career for you.