How students can beat the employment crisis and make money from home

Lois King on 17 December 2020

UK uni students can earn money from the comfort of their halls and without having to get changed out of their pyjamas. This is the ultimate guide to making money at university.

Of course, getting a job at uni is a balance between studying, finding time to hit up the pubs and clubs, and earning some sweet cash. But, the pandemic has made it more difficult for all of us to fund our studies, rent and meals; from shops to bars, to clubs, to offices - nothing is immune from the scourge of redundancies and closures. 

One easy solution that allows you to work from the safety and comfort of your halls? Teaching English online. If that sounds ideal, then consider gaining a TEFL or TESOL qualification, so you’re covered in the event of future pandemic-related disasters. Make sure you opt for an accredited TEFL/TESOL provider, such as

What is TEFL, and how can I get the certification?

It stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it can be done from anywhere; imagine yourself in the Bahamas when all of this is over, or continue throughout your studies for extra cash when it suits you! It’s become popular over the years due to the flexible nature of the job - you set your prices and choose your timetable. 

So, why should I do TEFL?


If you are starting or nearing the end of your university career you might be wondering how you will be able to afford anything. After all, living life as a young adult is expensive. Food, rent, bills, clothes, transportation - all of this adds up, and fast. And now, to make things worse, there’s a near worldwide recession! So, a bit of money is necessary. 


Even students with busy schedules often don’t have the most orthodox timings. If you have extra days off or need something to fill your time with then what better than a job teaching English? Not only are you getting paid for something you’re naturally good at, but TEFL itself also isn’t very time consuming, especially if you decide to teach online. 

Experience and qualifications

Tutoring English looks great on your CV. Not only are you grafting away for multiple years to gain a degree, but you could also come away with some work experience and an accredited teaching certificate. You could use this to improve future job prospects and show your employers how proactive you are.

I’m interested, so how can I get qualified?

There is no single way to do this, and sometimes a strong grasp of English will do. However, most employers will require applicants to possess some level of certification. A certificate provided by an accredited company is the best way to earn money as a beginner.

Don’t be alarmed; when you search ‘TEFL certificate’ in Google, you will be bombarded with thousands of results. Here are some rules to follow when picking a course: 

  • Look for the accreditation, and avoid companies that don’t have an external accreditation. It’s likely their courses and certificates will not be recognized by employers. 
  • Look for courses with more hours or at least 120 hours as this is most commonly asked for by employers. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Get searching and earning online. If teaching isn't your thing, or you want to earn even more cash, then joining our Student Panel, where you can earn money through surveys. 

Lois King
Lois King on 17 December 2020