Five more reasons to Get Into Teaching

Lois King on 12 November 2020
Five more reasons to Get Into Teaching

Want to travel, inspire and get 13 weeks of paid holiday each year? Teaching is a great option for many people, find out why it could be great for you too.

Having taught in a primary school in Barcelona for a year, alongside other tutoring gigs, I’ve felt the impact of teaching first-hand. If you don’t know what career to go for after graduating, try your hand at teaching and see if you can inspire, and be inspired. So, why is teaching a good option when you’re at a crossroads?

1. Teaching is so versatile

If you imagine teaching as being stuck in a classroom in rainy England with lots of misbehaving children, you are mistaken. Once you’ve got a teaching qualification, whether that be a TEFL, TOEFL, PGCE, or a DELTA (you’ll discover that there’s an abundance of acronyms), your career will begin to shape up. As a teacher, you can teach anywhere, on a flexible schedule that fits you. From working in a foreign language school in Thailand, to running an adult class for business English in Spain, to giving online classes in Switzerland, teaching sure is flexible. I’ve been offered opportunities to teach in Spain, England and China, all because of my previous work experience and TEFL courses. Whether you’re looking for flexibility in terms of location or schedule, you’ve always got the chance to switch it up and create an impact wherever you go as a teacher. You’ll thrive on the social interaction you receive as you meet new people along the way in your teaching journey; both in the classroom and in your neighbourhood. What’s more, it’s a durable industry. You can adapt to unforeseen circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, by switching to virtual classes and other tutoring opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

2. Job security

With the demand for teachers so high, and the wide variety of subjects available to choose from, there will always be jobs for teachers. The lessons don’t have to be mainstream either; you can tutor a range of subjects online, ranging from guitar lessons, to cooking and yoga classes. You can set your own prices and choose how many classes you have per week. If you’re an English teacher, or a native English speaker, you’re set for a job. The future generations rely on teachers to guide them through their first chapters in life, and the need for English is never in short supply, meaning English speakers will never run out of students who want to learn the language. Simply put, there won’t ever be a world without teachers, because their profession is so valuable. 

3. Your work hours are sociable and fit in with family life 

Got kids and need a career that fits around them? Look no further than teaching. With Get Into Teaching, you can find companies that can accommodate your needs and find a teaching career that suits you. As a parent, a PGCE might not be the way to go; however, there are plenty of part-time opportunities for those who want to learn on the job, while earning to support their families. 

4. No two days are the same

This is especially true when you’re teaching children, as their curiosity and innocence make for many laughable moments that stick with you. Each and every new day, they’ll have different questions to ask and you will get to watch them grow and develop their skills. Knowing that you are a part of that process is truly rewarding. Students also keep you on your toes; teaching is an active job that requires being very creative to keep pupils engaged. This means you won’t be glued to a desk all day, or doing repetitive admin tasks. Instead, you’ll be front and center in an interactive, engaging environment. It’s this socialisation and level of activity involved in teaching that makes it such a stimulating job where no two days are the same.

5. Make a difference 

If you’re in the market for a career where you can really make a difference and connect with a range of different people, then teaching is the career for you. Just imagine delivering a teenager’s education, to then see them in the newspaper winning a prize for groundbreaking work in their chosen field. Inspiring others to go above and beyond their potential is a gratifying experience, and you can do just that if you Get Into Teaching.

Lois King
Lois King on 12 November 2020