Jobs and Finance

The bright and colourful digital billboards of Times Square, New York
For part three of our series, we interviewed Lauren, a media buyer at a marketing agency.
Actors on set

Dream jobs: acting

22 June 2020
Part two of our Dream Jobs series focuses on a profession that is more accessible than you may think...
An open laptop showing various data visualisations and graphs
Our brand new career spotlight series provides industry insights from people working in sectors that are looking for new faces.
An artsy looking ATM
With Christmas well on the way and the semester steadily draining your bank account, you’re probably counting every penny until your next loan payment.
Person holding a mug that says "like a boss"
Revelling in freedom and more cash than you’ve ever had in your life. Spending a few quid here and a few quid there. It’s not that much, is it?
Peter Griffin with long nails typing at a keyboard

My life as an intern

30 August 2018
If you’re looking to make yourself highly employable by the time you graduate, internships are a fantastic way to gain experience in specific sectors or with specific companies. Here are some great tips on what to expect as an intern, and how to get maximum value out of your internship!
Man holding a wad of cash
Whether it's summer tutoring jobs or volunteering at a festival, here's how you can pay your way through the summer break.
Grumpy cat saying "dasing through the no"
What’s that you can hear in the distance? Sleigh bells ringing and carol singing? You wish. It’s the crying, shouting and repetitive Christmas songs that signify the start of the festive frenzy in shops around the country.
Person sat typing their cover letter with a laptop
Writing a good cover letter is just as important as writing a good CV, so here is a quick guide to making yours stand out!