Student Advice

Student carrying textbooks and a backpack
Studying postgrad straight after your undergraduate degree can be stressful. Here’s why you might want to hang on for a year before starting.
A modern semi-detached house
House hunting season has begun! Looking for accommodation can seem daunting, and it’s hard to know where to start. We're going to share our advice to help you kick things off.
Black android phone on edge of table
Knowing where to start in the search for a new phone is difficult. Here are just some reasons you should think about choosing an Android.
Alarm clock and calendar
Feel like you’re always racing against the clock to submit assignments? Check out our top tips for keeping on top of your workload and never missing a deadline again.
Student asleep in bed
From nights out to uni socials, the road to being a punctual student is laden with pitfalls. Here are five ways to avoid being late to lectures.