Student Advice

An example of a redbrick uni
Have you been wondering what the heck all this 'red brick' business is all about? We've broken down all the university jargon to make it as simple as it should have been in the first place...
A cat sleeping on the arm of a chair
So, you’re having problems with procrastination? Of course you are, you’re procrastinating by reading an article about procrastination, you’re meta-procrastinating right now.
Teaching excellence framework
Who, what, when, why? The new TEF Guide has thrown up all sorts of questions about university rankings and their validity so we've created a guide to answer all those burning questions!
Student asleep on their notes
If you made it to class, half the battle is won! We're proud of you. You're understandably sleepy, and whatever the reason now all you need are these 11 secrets to staying awake.