Lionel Sheng Fhong Loh

So much things to do in this bellved city! I love the people I love the culture and oh my god I love all the differen food places one can explore! Ive been out at least 1-2 times a week and I still have not visited all the most popular and amazing food joints/eateries in manchester. Everything is clustered but not too packed at the same time and the public transport is soooo good! I love my time here in Uni so much due to all the things Manchester has to offer


Fantastic city with great people. The nightlife is great, whether it’s high end clubs like bijou or quirky bars such as almost famous (also great food!!!)


Ideal location for young adults; plenty of nightclubs, pubs and lounges scattered all over the city, hundreds of places to eat and prime shopping outlets with Arndale/Market Street and Trafford Centre. Ideal value for money regardless of what you do.

Sarah Kefyalew

Manchester is a great city! Like a mini London, it has the hipster bars, posh areas and student suburbs, more compact and easier to get round in. The uni is situated only a half hour walk from the city centre, allowing easier access. The main student areas are als on good bus routes and cycle lanes towards both the uni and town


A lot packed in Manchester. Cool seasonal things, like the christmas market and options of different nights out, lots of bands include Manchester on their tours - and nightbuses to get home after.

Georgie Milne

Manchester is well known as one nod the music capitals of Britain, and if you keep an eye out you will see loads of great nights, both in the centre (e.g. Warehouse project, soup kitchen and Peer hat) and further out (e.g. Hidden, White hotel and Antwerp mantion). Make sure to follow events websites and Facebook pages to get tickets while they are cheap and available!


The city of Manchester is one of a kind. Not only is the nightlife great & the shopping plentiful but Manchester is the birthplace of the worlds greatest musicians & sporting stars. Vibrant, cool & buzzing with life... We Are Manchester.