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A night out in Glasgow can be pretty amazing. From all your well known clubs like garage, polo, bamboo, kokomo etc, there's also some really nice hidden gems like flat 0/1 and bloc, and for a cheap night out you cant beat a whetherspoons! Theres a variety of cuisines to eat, with a lot of fast food places open all night, and restaurant wise there's a big selection. The Buchanan and at Enoch's centres make for some great shopping days, as does a trip to the Glasgow fort!


Love going to Glasgow, loads of fun in different clubs would recommend club Tropicana for its 70/80s music. Transport is really easy to use as there’s regular buses and trains that are cheap as chips and aren’t a maze of routes. If you’re broke af there’s loads of charity shops and places to eat that doesn’t cost a lot of money, like the Chinese restaurant next to central station, or the abundance of Wetherspoons across the city.

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