25 things you don’t realise until you go to university

Molly Judgeon 21 July 2021
students cooking

Cheese is expensive and washing up is not fun. Here's a list of all the non-academic things university teaches you.

Going to university not only teaches you how to do your laundry and cook a meal for yourself; fleeing the nest opens your eyes to the joys of the adult world. Here are 25 non-academic lessons that your time at university teaches you.

1. Cooking every night is a massive faff 

However few utensils you use, or even if you solely cook one-pot recipes, there’s always a mound of washing up. And no one likes washing dishes. 

2. Sprinkling cheese on your meal adds up 

Who knew a block of good ol’ cheddar could cost a fiver?

3. Hangovers are the best bonding experience

Emerging from your bedroom to discuss the night’s antics with your flatmates is the best.

4. You can’t believe you used to wake up at 7am 

What’s more - you used to wake up early five days a week. Shiver.

5. At university, 3pm is a totally acceptable time to wake up

No one will judge you for waking up in the afternoon. In your face, Mum. 

6. Frozen food is incredible 

Chicken nuggets and potato smileys for dinner every night? You’re free to live your five-year-old self’s wildest dreams. 

7. You realise that you need greens  

Despite your dreams to live like an oversized child, your body needs nutrients. And you soon realise that introducing green into your diet isn’t so bad. If you begin to like olives and broccoli, you’ve transitioned into adulthood. 

8. Fresh Meat is surprisingly accurate

Need convincing? Here’s why

9. Watching an entire season of a show in a day is achievable and happens far too often 

Why watch lectures when you can watch sitcoms? 

10. Recreating the children’s game show Raven is a great way to spend time

If we’ve just reawakened a memory, you’re welcome. 

11. Pizza is the cure for everything

Broken up with your secondary school boyfriend, run out of money or lost your phone? Pizza is the answer. 

12. Silent tea making is an art

Great for all those times you just can’t be bothered to make a cuppa for your flatmates. 

13. You can get away with washing your sheets once a term

Of course, you’ll grow out of this and eventually opt for clean sheets, but while you’re a Fresher, make the most of minimal laundry!

14. You have a love-hate relationship with nature 

Staying out late is great until you’ve got a seagull squawking by your window at 7 am. 

15. You can live somewhere for a year and have absolutely no knowledge of the area

This becomes particularly evident when your parents visit and you realise you’re the worst tour guide ever. 

16. It’s impossible to sit in the front of a taxi without making small talk 

It’s awkward, but you’ve got to get home safe somehow… 

17. Getting into your overdraft is a competitive sport

“You’re £1000 in? I’ve maxed mine out, mate”.

18. Nightclub toilets are the best place to make friends 

Passing the next stall a piece of toilet roll soon turns out to be a bonding experience. Plus, the alcohol will help you believe that you have so much in common. 

19. Shared kitchens and students are a recipe for passive-aggression

Whether you opt for post-it notes, comments in the group chat or flat-out refusing to cave into cleaning up after others, you will get triggered. 

20. Living with friends is very different from living separately

Seeing them brush their teeth and warming up their ready meals counts as spending quality time together, right? Trust us, you’ll make more effort to hang out if you live separately. It’s weird. 

21. You can write an essay in a day

Grab your energy drinks, chocolate and a blanket. It’s going to be rough. 

22. It doesn’t take long before you stop caring about missing lectures 

“A lecture at 9am? That’s diabolic”. 

23. You can spend ridiculous amounts of time in the pub

Another pint, anyone? 

But of course, being a Fresher is all about learning how to live independently and navigate life as an adult. Are you excited about Freshers’ Week? Let us know by joining the Student Pulse

Molly Judgeon 21 July 2021