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6 December 2018

My time at Greetham Street Halls was mixed. I was lucky to be in the first set of students in the halls in Sep 2016 so it was all brand new. The good bits: En-suite room, really good shower, bathroom / toilet. Has everything you need, mirror, desk, chair etc. Good kitchen, reasonable space to hang out but not massive. Location is amazing. The bad bits: Sharing a kitchen with 10 people is horrendous, not enough space. Not enough fridge / freezer space. Bedrooms are tiny, beds arnt that comfy and are not doubles. Way too expensive - but all halls are. Train noise (I was floor 8) was bad. It was not a good social experience for me but that's just luck for who you get placed with. Social space on floor 19 was shut for ages due to one person being stupid. Not good for everyone else - very disappointing.

6 December 2018

The perfect location! Close walk to town, uni and clubs, but far enough from clubs for them not to keep you up at night! Rooms are so nice compared to other halls. Staff are super friendly and do become more of your friends than 'staff', they really are there to help. Everything gets responded to super quick.

6 December 2018

Madness, apart from the fire alarms. Live with 9 people, if you don't get on with them you will make other friends on your floor. Always something going on.

6 December 2018

In a good location, with helpful staff. Common room is fantastic with amazing view and pool table, screen etc. Rooms are nice but we're not cleaned on arrival, and are expensive for what they are

6 December 2018

The room was small but modern. My room was very hard to find for guests and took about eight minutes to get to from the reception. The staff were mostly helpful, occasionally they would ignore you. Half way through the year the common room was shut down, but when it was open it was really nice. The location was fantastic, very near to clubs and lecture halls. I met most of my friends through the flat I stayed in so socially it was great!

6 December 2018

Expensive for what it is but generally really nice. Rooms have plenty of storage and en suites are lovely

6 December 2018

Great hall great people great location amazing facilities and welcoming staff. Would recommend to friends and family to stay in greetham street

6 December 2018

Very modern rooms and kitchen, double bed, internet was always good. Fire drills every Monday at 10am kinda killed me. Also door leading to our flat was unlocked the whole year and had strangers come in. Staff always helpful and friendly. Good accommodation!!

20 October 2018

not a bad room but well overpriced everything breaks and the staff are a joke so rude and just barge there way in as they please and we had to wait 3 days for our fridge to get fixed only good thing is location and the wifi is very good but the staff, price and everything breaking is what ruins the whole thing

25 June 2018

The room space is great, the staff are okay but the night staff are THE best. Mantiance isn’t that good and literally the only bad thing is if you near the train it’s so loud but you get used to it.

22 June 2018

Everything was good, the room was on the smaller. I felt like for pay £705 a month the room could have been a lot bigger. It was nice but not worth that much !!. Facilities like the common room area, was great to socialise in and the reception desk was very helpful. However I found washing and drying expensive ! Location was perfect as it very close to my business campus and commercial road !

21 June 2018

So, the actual room itself is pleasant, you get an en suite and double bed and everything is relatively modern. Theres a lot of under bed storage and Cupboard storage. Theres also a decent sized wardrobe and a chest of Drawers. The kitchen is okay, quite spacious... the stools aren’t very comfy to sit on. Reception team are mostly helpful... anything from printing stuff for you when the printers down to general enquiries. The wifi at Greetham street is amazing.. and it’s something I will indeed miss. However, despite all this. I do feel nearly £150 per week is extortionate for what you get. The laundry room is so expensive it costs nearly a £10 for a Wash load, and even then it may not be dry... Also, the app stops working between 9pm and 8am even though its meant to be 24hour.

13 June 2018

I was the first year to live in greetham and it was awesome! I met so many new people (some good and some bad), but overall, the kitchens and rooms were spacy. Reception was always very attentive, Amy was especially helpful and was always lovely. Highly recommended. Fab location.

4 June 2018

Too expensive, tiny rooms, floods, didn’t pass fire rating test, no compensation. I was lucky that my flat mates were friendly but should’ve been a more random allocation with degree/ home location and masters students should be put together, there was a severe flood last year and the lights and electrics were kept on which could’ve caused a massive fire which is worrying as we later found out after Grenfell Tower, Greetham didn’t even pass the fire safety test. Security were very unhelpful especially when an ambulance was needed once and when wristbands needed for entry had been lost/stolen.

3 May 2018

Lifts break down quite a bit, and showers aren’t the strongest but overall Greetham is modern, has good WiFi and is super close to uni and all clubs in Portsmouth bar tiger tiger being slightly further out.

2 May 2018

Location wise, this is possibly the best Halls of residence for a student. It’s less than a 5 minute walk meaning you can’t hear the clubs at night and it’s a 5 minute walk from the university buildings. The washing machine room is ok but because it is on an app you have to top up £5 each time you want a wash which I thought was quite expensive. They have a 19th floor common room which is all glass windows and it is an amazing view in the day and at night. Socially, the flats are massive so you can have a big pres and get to know those on your floor if you wanted to, but because of the wristband to get back in to the accommodation, you find people who live in the same block very quickly on nights out. The room has a very nice bathroom, on the slightly smaller side but that’s expected as you have an en-suite and a 3/4 double bed. There is huge masses of storage under the bed, wardrobe, above the bed and the desks. You get a little mood light when you move in aswell. My room in particular was facing the sea and as I was a sea view, in the summer I could stare out all day.

28 April 2018

The location is great as it’s in the centre of everywhere. The facilities are good and very student friendly

28 April 2018

I mostly loved greetham street halls. When I first got there I was unhappy that the flats were corridor style, I was expecting real self contained homely flats (like trafalger) but after a while there I soon forgot. The kitchen was nice and modern, I loved the sofas and it was great to have 2 fridges. The flat had rooms for 9 people which I thought was a hell of a lot! Someone dropped out so we only had 8 people in the end, it was still impossible to keep clean. I loved my room and the storage. The bathroom was small but for 1 person, adequate. My favourite thing about greetham was the common room, I think it was up on the 14th floor maybe (it was definitely high) and you could see the whole city up there through the long length windows. There was a TV and games room up there with bean bags, a great place to go if you wanted to get out of the flat for a little while. The location was also perfect! So close to everything you needed.

25 April 2018

Greetham street hall was built in 2016 and is a very modern and nice building. The location of the hall is very well situated next to Portsmouth main station and the University. Facilities I feel are limited however with two study rooms, okay one has very nice views from the 19th floor furthermore using the washing machines are fairly pricey costing almost £5 per wash. Unless I've not noticed them there seems to be a lack of social events in the hall, there has been a couple however. On the other hand the staff who run Greetham street are brilliant, very friendly and welcoming and will help you with any issue. The rooms in the hall are small, but comftable however they do get very warm so having a fan is a must. Kitchen facilities are brilliant with two large fridge freezers, an island and two ovens which is about enough for sharing with 9 people.

18 April 2018

My experience of halls has been interesting to say the least. My room itself was lovely, despite it being small there was a massive amount of storage space and I loved the fact that I had a small double bed and a shower with a real door on it (instead of having a wet room). The location was very handy, you didn’t have to walk more than 15 minutes to get to uni, the town centre or supermarkets. On balance, the price of my accommodation was probably reasonable considering the location and the modernity of the halls. My social experience in halls was OK, I have made some friends between my flat and the flat next door but some people will just keep themselves to themselves but that is their choice. As there were 10 people per corridor it was almost guaranteed you’d find someone with similar interests to you. The only thing I really hate about halls is the kitchen situation. I am a very clean person and find it difficult to live in a filthy kitchen so I often found myself cleaning the kitchen alone for 2 hours. Be prepared for your things to get stolen even if you write your name on everything!! Overall my experience in halls was a positive one, and I couldn’t have imagined experiencing first year without it being in halls of residence.

14 April 2018

Greetham Street is very close to lectures, to my furthest lecture it takes me only 10 minutes to walk there. In my flat there are 9 of us, we all get along which is really nice. However we have little space to hang out all together as the kitchen only has 6 bar stools. My room is great though as I have enough room to chill out and I love having a double bed. The study room is good to spend time in and is rarely full so it’s very easy to get a space in. The laundry room is good but rather expensive for 1 wash and dry it is £4.70. Overall I think greetham is a great student accommodation.

13 April 2018

My room is a nice size with storage under the bed and in shelves above. Being on the 11th floor means i have a great view of the sea. The kitchen is alright , but lacks charism. Washing machines are expensive but I guess that's uni for you.

Sean Ellis
30 March 2018

Really great halls. Feels very much like a hotel , but with drunk students everywhere. The staff are nice and it is so close to uni so you can never miss anything.

25 March 2018

Overall a nice, modern place to live. However, fire alarms go off too often, and when you report something to maintenance they don’t always respond so you end up having to state the problem multiple times for them to do something about it.