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13 January 2019

Cambridge halls is the only halls I would choose to live in while in first year at mmu, the location is right next to the business school and library and about a 10 minute walk from the other campus'. The rooms at Cambridge are basic and minimal sharing 2 showers and 2 bathrooms between 10. However the social side makes up for this as Cambridge is the most lively halls.

13 January 2019

Security kill the student mood, room not big enough to swing a cat and extortionate fees for doing your washing

13 January 2019

Brilliant location near town and right on the uni campus. Kitchen gets cleaned once a week so it's not too bad living in a flat of 10, bedroom is a decent size too!

13 January 2019

Location is perfect for first years, really close to town and university so means you don't have to spend much money on taxis. Accomodation is overpriced for what you get in my opinion though. It is very basic, showers are slow and only have 2 between 10 people which can be difficult on a morning. Rooms are small and I found I didn't have much wardrobe space. Kitchen is a good size though which is nice for having friends round. I think having a sofa and tv to create a lounge area is needed and would help the flat be more social, everyone just sits in there room otherwise. Room is often quite warm and stuffy on a night and the blinds are not the best so light gets in easily I had to buy an eye patch.

13 January 2019

The location of the accommodation is perfect a one minute walk to the Business school, easy access to town and train stations. The social experience is good, lively and always something happening. Brilliant accommodation for first year students.

13 January 2019

Can't fault the room for the price and the uni is always quick to respond to problems. However your halls experince is really dependent on the people you live with because of ho close living Cambridge is

12 January 2019

Close to the uni and the city centre. Very good value for money and problems with the flat or rooms are sorted quickly.

12 January 2019

Location is perfect, close to city centre and all my lectures. Socially I think it's a really good halls to be in, kitchen/living area could be updated. Room is really nice size as well.

9 July 2018

The size of the halls were great, accompanied by great facilities. Just lacked a common room with a pool table/table tennis table. However, room and kitchen was very well equipped. It was also very easy to apply to student living and the staff were always helpful.

30 June 2018

The location of Cambridge halls is brilliant, it's a very short walk from all University buildings and only a 15 minute walk from Oxford Road train station and 25 till the city centre. The facilities are reasonable, 2 toilets and 2 showers between 10 surprisingly works well and the kitchen is good enough for what you want it for. The social experience is amazing, you meet many people in the courtyard before and after nights out and everyone is friendly and finally the rooms, I didn't spend much time in my room but they are a good size for sleeping and doing some work, wouldn't have needed any bigger.

29 June 2018

horrible bed rooms, average kitchen, no sofa / living room is a real s*** and if you want to have more fun at uni then deffo go somewhere with a sofa. On the plus side Cambridge is a laugh and you’ll have a mad year. P.s security here are d***heads

22 June 2018

You get what you pay for! It’s nice and cheap and for £106 the only thing I wasn’t worried about was sharing a bathroom with messy people, but that worry quickly left when I moved in. Having a cleaner really helped keep the flat nice and “live-able”. I got lucky with my flatmates and location was brilliant. Only downside to halls was laundry. I was almost paying £5 per wash which I feel it a bit expensive. Internet also cut out quite a lot but reconnected eventually.

15 June 2018

The social scene of Cambridge halls is very good compared to a lot of the other Manchester met halls, however you do not get your own bathroom but the price of these halls are lower than the others. The location of these halls is amazing most of my lectures were around the corner from Cambridge halls and very near the centre of Manchester.

15 June 2018

The halls were in a really good location, very close to town and university which is good for academic and social life. They are the cheapest halls so I didn’t expect too much, but my room was quite dark so I tried to spend as much time being out of it as possible. The flat was cleaned regularly and the bathroom was good. We had good kitchen facilities and were able to be social in there. However the walls were very thin so you could always hear people talking.

12 June 2018

Cambridge halls is right across the road from MMU, therefore the location couldn't be any more ideal. Within walking distance there are a wide range of shops, takeaways, restaurants and clubs. Within the halls, you have access to a laundry room, a bike shed and a 24 hour reception which collects your post. The cost to use the laundry room and the bike shed is not included in your rent. The rooms at Cambridge are basic, but substantial. I chose a flat with a shared bathroom, there were 2 toilets and 2 showers shared between 10 people. It wasn't as chaotic and messy as I expected, and we all had our own sinks in our bedrooms. The rooms all had single beds, a desk and plenty of storage space, but were quite small. The great thing about the rooms was that they were all facing each other on one corridor, making the flat a sociable place to be as most of us just left our doors open while we were in and spent a lot of time together. There was 1 shared living space which was an open plan kitchen and dining area. This was ideal for socialising, and kept tidy with the help of a cleaner who came every week. The fault with the living space resolved around the fact that there was only a dining table and plastic chairs. There was no comfy living area to relax in, this had to be done in the bedrooms which are too small for a big group to socialise in. Altogether, the social experience within halls couldn't have been better. The flat sizes are large giving you the opportunity to meet and live with a big group of students, and within the building you are surrounded by even more.

10 June 2018

Really good location near the city centre. Good social life but also very safe due to 24/7 security. Cleaners ever week so we’ll maintained. Rooms have good storage and enough room to live comfortably

7 June 2018

Facilities are terrible, everything breaks and hardly anything gets fixed. They are the most social halls and besides the dirty kitchen and the broken stuff there the best at man met by far.

4 June 2018

Hilarious to live in, there’s always parties going on. Best of you make friends with the other flats in your block to really get the most out of it. The level of security is so annoying, they boot down the door if they think you’re having a party. We just had disco lights on one night while we had a cup of tea and someone kicked the kitchen door open shouting ‘the parties over’

4 May 2018

Great location and I like the courtyard layout in the middle of the blocks but the flats themselves are nothing special. In the kitchen 2 grudges between 10 is a bit of a squeeze sometimes and the fact there is no sofa or comfy chairs is a bit of a downer too. Rooms are quite good expect the bed isn’t too comfortable but it is the cheapest halls so it’s understandable to an extent

2 May 2018

Good to meet people through the amount in the flat, however only cleaned bt a cleaner once a week and if you report an issue e.g shower flooding they can take up to a week to fix it

30 April 2018

Good location, can walk everywhere. Room is decent. Kitchen is a mess. Loud facing the union when people are out late at night; not ideal the night before an early lecture

23 April 2018

The rooms are a good size and have everything a student needs. The kitchen is also a good size but this is the only communal area and there are often times where I wish the flat had a lounge. The walls aren’t very sound proof at all and so everything can be heard room to room. The cleaners don’t clean the kitchens properly and so you end up cleaning yourself. There is only two toilets and two showers tho I’ve rarely had to wait.

22 April 2018

The nightlight is good because you’re in a flat with 10 people so you’re bound to make friends. The halls itself is horrible, horrible kitchens which look like a school canteen, tiny bedrooms which smell like damp and uncomfortable beds. It is so noisy and you’re constantly woken up at night by people coming and going from nights out and in the morning when the leaf blower and bin men come.

19 April 2018

The halls are in a good location. E.g. They are on campus so really quick for getting into uni and also they are close to the city centre and lots of clubs, bars and restaurants. The flats are shared between 10 people with 2 showers and 2 toilets. Sometimes showers and toilets would be gross. But that is down to house mates and the actual facility was fine. Kitchen was also sometimes really messy but again sharing with 10 people isnt easy. There is only 1 oven and space for another so would be great to have an extra one. Also whenever there were maintenance problems, someone would usually fix it straight away. The room is a decent size with a good amount of storage and big desk, there's a sink which is very handy but the bed is a little small. The halls have quite a lot of flats and sometimes it was really noisy and would be kept awake. Overall good accommodation but for me, I found it hard to share facilities with a big group.