What you should be studying based on your favourite pre drink

Louis Hugheson 10 February 2023
A bar with a wide variety of drinks

We’re not ones to judge either your pre-drink choice or your uni course, but this time we are.

It’s branding 101; people’s choice of alcoholic beverage says a lot about their personality. This is always the case out in the real world, but is the same true on campus? We think so…see if you agree with our picks below. 

Red wine - English 

If you’re a red wine drinker it’s likely that you consider yourself classy, refined, and maybe even a little bit mysterious, much like an English degree. Again like English, in reality, it simply isn’t that deep; the flavour profile isn’t that complex and nor is the symbolism in Macbeth. 

People toasting with glasses of red wine

Vodka + mixer - Business

The first rule in business? Make an impression. Vodka people love to show off just how strong they’ve made their drink and will get anyone and everyone to have a sip in order to prove just how much of a legend they are.

A vodka bottle pouring into a glass tumbler with lime and soda

Shots of anything - Medicine 

You Medicine students are busy, stressed and do not have time to mess about. So shots it is. You’re probably a hardcore person whose only aim on a night out is to get as battered as possible, attempting to forget about your course because it's driving you insane.

Two shots of tequila with salt and lime

Pimms - Fine Art/Performing Arts

If you’re having Pimms as a pre-drink you are a relentless free spirit and honestly, nothing we can say will change that. You’re probably studying Fine Art, Performing Arts or Drama or something like that. You’re happy to do what you want and aren’t bothered about people’s judgement, so we’ll just leave you to your nice drink.

Two large drink dispensers, one of which is almost empty but once contained Pimms

WKD - Maths

Sorry but Maths is boring. So it’s no surprise Maths students want to liven things up a bit with a bright drink. WKD drinkers tend to believe that they have the nicest-tasting drink out there when in reality, they probably just can’t handle their alcohol.

A nearly empty bottle of WKD on the floor

Sambuca - Psychology

If you pre with Sambuca then we hope you’re alright. No one really understands why you would willingly choose to drink it, in fact, most people probably don’t understand any of your decisions. These people are wacky and might have a screw loose, so it has to be Psychology students.

A fancy bottle of sambuca

Cider - Politics

This is the politician's answer of alcoholic beverages. Not quite beer, not quite wine, very middle of the road. Keir Starmer in a polo shirt. Rishi Sunak at Wireless.

A selection of different coloured ciders poured in glasses and laid out across a bar

What’s your go-to pre-drink? Join our panel and let us know. You’ll get 1000 reward points for signing up.

Louis Hugheson 10 February 2023