Six simple things you can do as a student to save the bees

Alice Borretton 13 July 2022
Bee sipping nectar from lavender flower

Just a handful of things you can do to help bees and subsequently the planet.

Bees are a critical part of the ecosystem and help to ensure we sustain a healthy environment.But, the bees are currently in trouble. 

So far, 13 of the UK’s bee species are extinct and another 35 are under threat. The good news is that there are lots of easy steps that we can all take to help the bees.

Support local beekeepers

One of the easiest things we can all do to save the bees is to simply be more aware of the honey and beeswax products we are buying. Instead of picking some up on your next supermarket trip, look for a local beekeeper selling organic products. This helps out the beekeeper who in turn is helping the bees and providing them with a safe environment.

Create a bee bath

In the summer months, bees need somewhere safe to drink water. You can create a bath for them easily using a shallow bird bath or even a bowl, with some stones or pebbles inside so that the bees have a place to land and don’t drown.

Share some sugar water with tired bees

If you find a bee that looks tired, you can help it out with a mixture of two teaspoons of granulated sugar and one teaspoon of water. Put this on a plate or drip it on a flower and in time the bee should get their energy back.

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Buy or build a home for bees

Destruction of their natural habits is one of the biggest threats to the bee population. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to this, one thing we can do to help is creating a space for bees to do their thing, free from any threats. You can get them fully assembled or harness your inner architect and make your own.

Create a bee garden 

This could be as simple as a window box, hanging basket or small area on a balcony, or as big as a community garden that gets the neighbours involved. Check online to see which plants are best for bees, stock up and watch them get settled into their new habitat.

Cut out harmful chemicals

If you do have a garden and are an avid gardener, try to stay away from things like pesticides that are a danger to bees and instead opt for more natural methods of pest control. For example, ladybirds and neem oil are good options that won’t hurt the bees.

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Alice Borretton 13 July 2022