Rory Gilmore’s do’s and don’ts of student life

Ciéra Creeon 13 November 2023
Rory Gilmore’s do’s and don’ts of student life

As we move from 🍂Autumn🍂 into ☔Autumn☔ now's the perfect time for a Gilmore Girls binge, right?

Cosy Stars Hollow vibes are the perfect accompaniment to the Autumn term. But what can we learn about student life from the show's main character?

Do – Shoot for the stars (pun intended)

Don’t – Be too harsh on yourself

Little ol’ Rory’s unshakable dream of getting into Harvard is a noble one, and it’s great how hard she’s willing to work to achieve her goals. We can all take a leaf from her book and watch the show as a motivator when we feel our energy slipping.

However, Rory was often guilty of driving herself to the point of burnout and destructive levels of self-criticism. Try to be constructive when asking yourself why you missed the ‘A’, and remember that just because one path potentially didn’t work out for you doesn’t mean there aren’t others to explore.


Do – Throw yourself into the spirit of your school

Don’t – Take on too many commitments

Whether it’s by attending your school’s sports games or going along to different student-led societies, make the most of what’s available on your campus. Rory excelled on the student paper while pursuing her love for journalism and ended up becoming the Editor-in-Chief!

However, ensure that you’re maintaining a reasonable work-life balance. Taking on as many extra classes as possible didn’t go well for a certain Gilmore girl, and for the majority of us non-robots it likely won’t either. You’re human – try not to treat yourself like a machine!


Do – Limit distractions while you’re working

Don’t – Push away any opportunity to have a break

In Episode 4 of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai (Rory’s mum) asks her daughter if she would like to grab ice cream. Rory repeatedly said no and that she needed to study, before eventually closing the door to her room so she could be left alone.

It’s important to set boundaries and, if necessary, tell others around you when you need quiet time to work. However, don’t forget that those around you mean well and just want to make sure you’re not always alone. Having breaks is good for you and oftentimes allows you to return back to working with a fresher mind.


Do – Engage with your peers

Don’t – Fixate on their school life and fall into self-comparison

As the saying goes, comparison is the thief of joy. It’s definitely easier said than done to not compare, but ultimately when thinking about it, what is comparison actually going to do for you?

Rory’s classmate, Paris, spent her days comparing herself to Rory, from asking about her grades to what extracurriculars she did. Paris made it her mission to be “better”, but while she focused on that, Rory continued to focus on herself.

Engage with your peers and talk about your school life, sure, but remember that everyone’s pathway and progress is different. You are you, and what you’re doing is naturally going to be different from someone else.

Go forth and study!

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Ciéra Creeon 13 November 2023