We predict what Gen Alpha will roast Gen Z for

Freddie Parker on 28 March 2023
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Everyone ends up roasted by the younger generation for their lifestyle. What will Gen Alpha have to say about their predecessors?

You’re probably familiar with the banter between Millenials and Gen Z, it was all over TikTok and still is. The millennial pause, skinny jeans and a love for a certain wizard franchise are all things that have been labelled cringe.

The thing is, this will happen once Gen Alpha starts hitting their later teen years. Given that they’re around 12/13 now, there are a few more years before they start influencing culture. What will they call cringe? And will Gen Z have a better reaction to realising they aren’t cool any more than millennials did?

Baggy trousers

Gen Z fashion pinged the other direction away from millennials. The disdain for skinny jeans was so strong that parachute, cargo and otherwise baggy pants are now in vogue. And because it snapped back to the other extreme, it’ll probably snap right back when the iPad kids age into their late teens.


Yeah, Gen Alpha would have grown up with the superhero franchise, but you have to remember that Gen Z grew up with Harry Potter. People seem to cling to things that come along in their formative years, while the things that have always been around feel inherited. And yeah, the MCU is probably the closest parallel to the HP series.

Dance challenges

This one will be especially true if these trends continue until Gen Z is well past being considered young adults. I just know that if they had been a thing on early YouTube or Vine, it would’ve been something y’all came for millennials for.

@4wallsdancestudio #boomboompowchallenge #4wallsdancestudio #newtrend ♬ original sound - Mia Mugavero

Tumblr aesthetic revival

You weren’t there man. You weren’t there. Well, you might have been. I was 20-22 in 2012-2014, the era now being imitated by the generation after me. I was (and still am) a bit of a Tumblr kid, in the trenches of the Superwholock fandom, witnessing the Mishapocalypse first-hand. 

@textbooklibra i cant believe i’m posting these on the internet (again) #2014tumblr #tumblrgirl #indiesleaze #tumblraesthetic #2014vibes ♬ 2014 tumblr - jasmine🌟

Many of you may have been there too, but did you register at the time how cringey the website was? Gen Alpha will. And they won’t be kind about it…

“Edgy” bands

No, Yungblud and The 1975 are not punk. There’s no hate towards them here at all, in fact, I’m a big fan of The 1975. But men from privileged backgrounds are by definition not very punk (and nor is their music). 

It happened with pop-punk in my generation where mainstream, privileged acts were hailed as complex Edge Lords. Blink 182 was never really an edgy choice and neither is Machine Gun Kelly I’m afraid. 

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 28 March 2023