Your New Year’s resolutions based on your favourite course

Ciéra Creeon 10 January 2024
Your New Year’s resolutions based on your favourite course

What could some NY’s resolutions be for somebody studying your course? Read on to find out!

January is a time of change for everyone. Setting new goals, kicking old habits and vowing to incorporate new healthy routines into one's life. 

Here are the intentions we think you’ll be setting based on your favourite subject at college…

English Language, Foreign Language Studies, Classics or Journalism

“I will finally smash through my reading list.”  

“I will delete Grammarly from my computer and test my linguistic wizard abilities.”

“I will ruthlessly attempt to cull my stationery collection because owning 87 pens likely counts as a problem.”

Computer Science

“I will attend my next Specsavers appointment instead of letting all their reminder letters flood the hallway.”

“I will do my best to take more regular breaks or try to bring my laptop into different working environments.”

“This will be the year of installing and USING a blue light filter on all my devices. I can feel it.”

Psychology or Sociology

“I will make sure not to take on more people’s emotions than I can handle by being the go-to “therapist” friend.”

“I will plan a project to assist my local community.”

“I will detox my social media feed to include less of what makes me compare myself to others and more that is good for my mind.”

Philosophy, History or Mythology

“I will do my best not to get caught in a deep existential spiral of reflection about a New Year beginning and just enjoy being alive and present.”

“I will read more books about different religions and worldviews this year to help me explore or learn about other beliefs.”

“I will start keeping a gratitude journal to note down what in the world, big or small, made me happy each day.”

Health, Medicine and Dentistry

“I will make sure to let myself have sweets if I want some, in moderation. I don’t have to avoid them at all costs.”

“I will start looking for a work placement to do over the summer or ask a local practice if I can shadow some of their work for experience.”

“I will schedule in time for hobbies and fun activities. The work I do is hard, so I need to remember to have balance.”

Photography, Art and Design

“I will create a very visual moodboard of what I want my 2024 to look like.”

“I will make a conscious effort to empty my recycling bin of drafts and errors before it reaches jenga level of difficulty to use.”

“I will take time to reach out to different online creative groups and immerse myself in the company of other creatives.”

Maths, Accounting, Finance, Engineering and Science

“I will use my problem solving brain to find a new downtime such as sudoku. Or if I’m tired of numbers, strive to take up something way more out of my comfort zone.”

“If I haven’t done this already, I will start keeping a spreadsheet or another system to track my finances and savings. My future self will thank me.”

“I will invest in buying a whiteboard for my dorm or study space so I have more room to write out my calculations.”

Criminology and Policing

“I will branch out my Netflix list to include some saved shows other than true crime documentaries.”

“I will take a moment to reflect on why I want to do what I’m doing and what spark encourages me to want to help the world.”

“I will try new donut flavours to see if I could actually be one of those stereotype cops from the television who always seems to eat donuts while on a break.”


“I will make an effort to explore where I come from and its surrounding area. My travel daydreams don’t always have to be so big!”

“I will go through my personal possessions and have a good declutter to sell and donate. Every item weighing me down that could go will help free up my space so I can travel lighter and save money.”

“I will try to learn more about cooking. As tempting as the vast array of international cuisine available at restaurants can be, my bank account needs to stop screaming.”

Drama, Dance, Music and Theatre

“I will try out one new style this year, be that a type of dance, a genre of song to sing or a new form of acting to embrace.”

“I will get some headshots taken by a professional or friend who is a great photographer, if I’m fortunate enough to have one. The selfies and phone timer pics have got to go.”

“I will be kind to my body, as I wouldn’t be here today doing what I love without it.”

Child Development and Education Studies

“If I’m looking to earn extra income while studying, I will start tutoring on the side in my specialty subject area(s).”

“I will draw out my dream classroom or create a vision board for it to put on my wall. Manifest that baby into existence.”

“I will try to be more empathic and understanding when I encounter screaming children in public places.”

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Ciéra Creeon 10 January 2024