Helping the University of Reading to better understand their postgraduate audience

Eleana Davidson on 10 February 2020
Boys sitting on a wall.

To ensure their postgraduate degrees match up with the market demand, the University of Reading wanted to increase their understanding of the postgraduate international audience in the UK.

To do this we segmented our Opinion Panel into the relevant audiences, and surveyed international students of varying education levels across a range of courses and universities.

This allowed us to gauge what students really look for in a postgraduate degree. Through surveys, we wanted to understand their motivations and barriers to study as well as media consumption, among other things. This helped the University of Reading shape their marketing practices around what students really look for, and will improve the accuracy of their marketing and ROI.

“The research undertaken by Natives has proved invaluable; it informed our postgraduate campaign and it is often used as evidence based in discussions around postgraduate recruitment.”

- University of Reading

Eleana Davidson
Eleana Davidson on 10 February 2020