Five fun things to do in Sheffield

Imi Fellon 14 March 2022
Evening view of Sheffield city centre

Once a centre for steel manufacturing, this student-friendly city in South Yorkshire has some interesting things to see.

Sheffield, The Steel City, is full of fun and quirky activities. It’s the sort of place that doesn’t need to boast what’s on offer, letting you uncover them for yourself. That being said, here are our top five suggestions:

Wild swimming

One of the best perks of living in Sheffield is being so close to the Peak District. From the bustling city centre, you can drive less than 30 minutes to find tranquillity among the rolling hills and reservoirs. The Sheffield Outdoor Plunging Community (SOUP for short) boasts over 30 wild swimming spots all within a short drive of our wonderful city. Whether you want to brave a wintery dip or relax with a book on a sunny day by the water, wild swimming is a must-try for all Sheffielders!

Always swim safely and respect the local wildlife, so we can all keep coming back for many more summers to come. 

Free swing dance at Cubanas

Wednesday evenings at Cubanas are one of Sheffield’s best-kept secrets. Every Wednesday you can come down for a free 30-minute swing lesson, followed by an evening of swing dancing and a live band. Whether you’re a seasoned swing dancer, keen to learn, or you just want the chance to see some expert swingers in action, Cubanas is the place to be on a Wednesday evening. The cocktails are flowing, the scent of delicious tapas is tempting, and the vibes are on point. It takes the best bits from ballroom and cheesy club nights. Cubanas pairs the fun of dancing with your mates and a simple dance routine for everyone to enjoy – you’ll be a pro in no time.


A visit to Sheffield wouldn’t be complete without climbing. One of the main attractions to this dynamic and active city is the thriving climbing scene. With five popular indoor walls and easy access to the Peak District, you’ll be mastering the wall in no time. Whether you’re into bouldering, traditional climbing, or just there to hang out, there’s something for everyone in Sheffield. The Hanger offers the cheapest membership, at just £28.99 a month.

Weston Park Art Gallery

When you’re not busy enjoying one of the many outdoors activities available in our wonderful city,  go for a wander around the Weston Park Gallery. Nestled in the corner of the beautiful Weston Park, a short walk from the University, this free museum and gallery is a refreshing reminder of Sheffield’s rich history. With exhibitions ranging from natural sciences to local artists to the history of the LGBTQ+ movement in Sheffield, you’ll learn something interesting on each visit. There are also temporary exhibitions displaying a range of fine art and photography, often connected to local history. You’re bound to come away feeling inspired and refreshed.


One of the best things about Sheffield is the sense of community. This community is seen at its best in our wonderful Foodhall. Whether you’re a student, artist, or local resident, Foodhall will have something on for you.  It’s a unique space as the only pay-what-you-can community café in the UK. Events include women’s and queer coffee mornings, pop up workshops, interesting talks, DJ nights and more. Trust me, Foodhall won’t disappoint. Check out their Facebook events page to find out what’s happening next.

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Imi Fellon 14 March 2022