Five of the best societies to check out at uni

Freddie Parker on 16 September 2020
Five of the best societies to check out at uni

Make the most out of your university experience by joining a society. Here are five categories that we would recommend!

You’ve arrived at your new university, met your housemates and worked out where the library is. So what next? University is a great time to try new things, follow your interests and meet new people, and joining a society is a fun way to really throw yourself into student life. From snowsports to Dr Who, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top five, and if you want more, check out Student Hut’s top rated university societies

1. Sports

From boxing to rugby, hockey to skiing and everything in between - if you can think of a sport, you can bet there’s a university society to match. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, most societies are really welcoming and are a great way to improve your fitness, but you may have to bring your drinking head for the infamous nights out!

2. Performing arts

If you’re an aspiring Adele or Benedict Cumberbatch, this type of society could be for you. Whether theatre, musicals or dancing, you’ll find plenty of like-minded people to join you in rehearsing for and putting on performances throughout the year, and you might even meet some future celebrities.

3. Media

If your interests lie in journalism or broadcasting, why not join your student radio station, newspaper or TV channel? It will give you great experience and, if your university specialises in media, you could get free training in the latest tech. 

4. Career-boosters

TEDx? Debating? Law? Joining a high-brow society is sure to make your CV stand out post-graduation. But if you’d rather spend your time on Ultimate Frisbee, you could become Treasurer or Chair of your chosen society, giving you valuable skills to impress any employer. 

5. Weird and wonderful

If you’re up for something completely different, then keep an open mind to the vast range of societies on offer: the University of Durham has an Assassin’s Society, Plymouth has a Viking Society and LSE has a Hummus Society. Whatever you’re into there’s sure to be a society for you!

Which societies and groups are you planning to join at university? Join our panel and give us your thoughts - you’ll get a £10 Amazon voucher when you sign up. 

Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 16 September 2020