What Your Favourite Cocktail Says About You

Nicole Oparaon 26 July 2019
What Your Favourite Cocktail Says About You

Are you more Mojito or Death in the Afternoon? Find out what your favourite cocktail says about you!


It you are a fan of Mojito’s you love hot weathers and tropical islands would be your ideal destination. You are also very tidy, organised and hygiene is incredibly important to you, so if someone comes to you with dragon breath you are most likely to ask them if they would like a mint for ‘good luck’.

No... I insist.


You have a tight budget seeking to get drunk really fast. You are often behind on rent for your student accommodation but YOLO init? You are a chameleon and don’t care about the consequences of tomorrow. You are outspoken and have no filter. You’ll also wake up in the morning with an eviction notice and 3 hours to pack your things and leave.


A massive fan of Love Island and particularly known to be the type that is ‘all words, no action’. You are always on Instagram scrolling, criticising or fantasising about what everyone else is doing. You are so lastminue.com and forget you have Uni work deadline the next day. You love adventure and you are usually funny, charming and don’t take life too seriously. You have a sweet tooth and usually give amazing advice which you often don’t take yourself.


You are a wild concoction. A vibrant blend of Vanilla Vodka, Passion Fruit Liquor some Champagne and Olives. You are mysterious and assertive, love beer pong and you can also be quite arrogant and cheeky. You are always up for a challenge and love stepping out of your comfort zone.

You often sign up to so many societies at Uni but don’t attend any of the welcome meetings.


You are a deeeeeeep person. You think below the surface and you are not scared of anyone or anything. Maybe besides spiders. You are very creative or have an artistic side. A dark side that is so magnetic people are naturally drawn to you. You prefer to stay in your dorm room and mind your own business but ironically, love watching other people get into drama/ fight so long as it doesn’t involve you. 

*Sips drink*


You like it shaken, not stirred! You love to talk; you are very active be it sports or gym or even dancing. You are usually vegan and work at Lush or the Body Shop if you are a girl and if you are a guy you work at the Gym or Casino so that you can afford to keep up with your rent payments and weekends out with friends.

You can be quite practical and logical but you know when to have fun also.

You usually always avoid those you owe money too.


Also known as Hemingway and people that go for this drink are typically mature or think they are mature. They are the ones paying people to write their assignments for them since they are usually always hungover. They love to read from best-selling novels to newspapers. Serious and often distant but they really just need someone to talk to on those cold lonely nights. 

They are the silent types that will never let you know what they are thinking.

They are usually heavy weights and take care of everyone else at the end of the night.


You guys love to fix things that are sometimes meant to stay broken, friendships, relationships, coffee mugs.

You are always the life of the party and usually the head of your friendship group. You are often in more than 5 group chats. You are good at balancing school life and work life, hence why you are cool as Coconuts.

Nicole Oparaon 26 July 2019