Everyday Anna: The ultimate guide for medical students

Lois King on 15 September 2021
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Everyday Anna's channel is the perfect guide for any budding Fresher, especially those studying Medicine.

Are you about to embark on your first year as a medical student? Everyday Anna started her journey to becoming a doctor in 2020 and, having spent a year studying, she’s now armed with all the tips and tricks you need to be a successful medical student. She shares advice on managing her time, finding a balance between work and social life and more on her YouTube channel.

And how could we not mention her subscriber count? With over 15,000 subscribers, Anna acts as a mentor for thousands of students preparing for university. While sharing her weekly vlogs, she also creates reaction videos and honest content about her experience. As she moves into her second year as a student at The University of Birmingham, she will be sharing plenty more hacks that you can follow along with to make your time as a student easier. 

As September and October loom, there’s probably only one thing on your mind - move-in day. But don’t worry - Anna’s channel has got it covered. So, if you’re packing up your stuff for university, make sure you don’t add unnecessary items. But how will you know what you need and what’s unnecessary? Listen to Anna’s advice on everything you do and don’t need this year: 

And, if you are worried about maintaining a work-life balance at university, or you’re concerned about keeping up with your fitness routine amid the demands of studying, Anna’s channel can help. Here are her tips on how to keep fit during exam season: 

Regardless of your subject, whether it be medicine, history or modern languages, Anna’s videos are packed with helpful tips for anyone studying this year. Check out her channel and follow along with her journey. 

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Lois King
Lois King on 15 September 2021