Don’t forget these uni essentials

George Metcalf on 24 August 2023
A student packing their bags ready to start uni

It’s nearly time to start your academic journey and you may be wondering what to take to uni. We’ve taken the guesswork out.

Some things are obvious. You’ve probably already thought about things like notepads, pens, toiletries and food. But what else should you bring to uni? Your adjustment to student accommodation will be so much easier if you remember these.

Coat hangers

Whether it’s because you can’t or won’t, not much ironing will get done. Stop your clothes from getting creased by storing them appropriately. You could either take them from home or places like Primark have big bundles of them for cheap.


Your room just won’t feel yours if you don’t personalise it somehow. Posters, flags, lights. In fact, we have a piece on how to decorate your room on a budget. Just a small investment of either time or money will make all the difference.

Extension leads

Campus accommodation and student houses never seem to have enough power sockets. This isn’t a guess on our part. You will need at least one four-way extension lead, if not for halls, at least for when you move into private rental houses next year.

First aid kit

While you can get proper first aid kits online easily enough, you don’t need to go that hard. Just have a small box with at least some plasters, antiseptic, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. There’s every chance you’ll get bumps, scrapes and headaches, and you won’t want to wait until they happen before you get your supplies.

Drying rack

Regardless of what your laundry arrangements are, tumble dryers are usually the most expensive option. So instead of dangling your clothes off every available piece of furniture, get yourself a clothes horse.

Advanced stationery

Hopefully you’ve got yourself some basic things like pens, pencils and notebooks. There may be more than one time, however, where you’ll need the more interesting bits and bobs. Think hole punch, stapler, highlighters and paperclips.

Bottle opener

More than one is best, especially if you’re on the wilder side of the student personality spectrum. People will “accidentally” pocket them or you’ll somehow lose them.

And what about the things to take to your classes etc? Check out our piece on what to take to your first lecture.

George  Metcalf
George Metcalf on 24 August 2023