How to celebrate the autumnal equinox

Julia Marolton 22 September 2022
Autumn leaves

The autumn equinox is nearing. Here’s how to prepare for it.

The autumnal equinox is tomorrow! So it’s time to prepare for the celebrations, get the winter wardrobe out and prepare for the autumn equinox.

What is the equinox?

The equinox is when the Earth cycles around the Sun, aligning with the Earth’s equator, causing the hours of daylight and night time to be of equal lengths. This year's equinox falls on Friday the 23rd of September and signifies that the days will start getting shorter and that winter is closing in. 

The spiritual side

As with most naturally occurring events, there is a spiritual aspect to be taken into account. The autumn equinox gives you the time to heighten your spiritual consciousness. When we think of autumn we think of browning leaves, and the cosy cold temperatures, but there’s more to it than that. Whilst some people use autumn to rewatch old Halloween classics, it’s also a time of great harvest, and reflection, a time to align yourself with Mother Nature.

As the seasons go through a transition, so does your life. The days getting darker signifies the own darkness within yourself, and during this equinox it’s time to explore and acknowledge it, to truly begin your journey of transition.

How to celebrate


Dedicating a few minutes of your day to doing some yoga during the equinox will help you find a new sense of balance and stability in your life. Doing your flow at sunrise or sunset will be even more beneficial to your spiritual consciousness. 

Personal reflection

Spending your equinox sitting with a journal is another great way to celebrate the new days coming. Search your soul, and reflect on the accomplishments you achieved during the spring and summer period, and how you can carry them into the winter period. This will help you align spiritually and mentally.


Connect yourself with Mother Nature at this equinox by going for a hike. Immerse yourself with the life nature has to offer. If you’re feeling extra excited by this period of change, you could forage (carefully) during the hike, looking for the bountiful harvests of autumn.


All you need to create an equinox altar is a flat surface, and some symbolic items, which can be easily found in nature. To really get in the spirit of the equinox you can use traditional autumn colours like yellows and brown when creating your altar. 


Doing some mindful meditation will help you release all negative emotions, making space for the clarity and peace the new season will provide. Try pairing your meditation with some yoga to get all the spiritual benefits of the equinox.

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Julia Marolton 22 September 2022