What are bursaries and what kinds are available?

Freddie Parker on 25 August 2023
Each type of coin and pound note in a pile

You’ve got your Student Finance lined up, but what else are you entitled to? Get those applications done ASAP.

The amount of debt that uni incurs can be a barrier for many, but there are still some ways you can reduce it. The language used is often deliberately confusing, but with some perseverance and research, you’ve got this.

Grants, scholarships and bursaries, oh my!

There are loads of different words used for what seems to be the same thing. So which means what?

What is a grant?

An amount of money awarded by a government body or charity that doesn’t have to be paid back. 

What is a scholarship?

A discount on tuition fees awarded to either people from specific backgrounds or those with high academic performance.

What is a bursary?

Additional funds provided as either living costs or tuition fee discounts by any awarding body, often to incentivise study.

Leaving local authority care

The government provides additional funds to young people who are leaving the social care system to go to university. This will be administered by your university, so be sure to get into contact with them as soon as possible if you’re eligible.

Disabled students’ allowance

Depending on your mobility and communication needs, you can get money to help with both living costs and specialised equipment. We have a whole article breaking down disabled students’ allowance if you need more information.

University bursaries

Each uni will have their own set of separate bursaries that apply to different people, usually for those from varied backgrounds. Just search the word ‘bursary’ on their website and you should find a list of the ones available and how to apply.

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 25 August 2023