Best RE4 Remake easter eggs from across the internet

Freddie Parker on 7 April 2023
Screenshot from the opening chapter of Resident Evil 4 Remake

Gloria a las plagas! Here are some hidden details that buried themselves into the game just like a plaga parasite.

The eagerly anticipated remake for Resident Evil 4 came out just over a week ago and has so far been really well received. Lore and environmental storytelling has always been a strong suit of the RE franchise and the fourth instalment was a classic. How does RE4: Remake stand up against achievement hunters and lore buffs?

What is an Easter Egg?

Much like the painted and/or chocolate eggs hidden around the garden for kids, Easter Eggs in media are hidden messages or features. The term was coined by a software development manager after players discovered a secret credit from the developer of Adventure. This was at a time when devs weren’t permitted credits.

Merchants’ union

We’re starting with one from the last non-remake instalment of the franchise. Resident Evil Village had a merchant much like other games in the series. Said merchant in fact makes a reference to his equivalent from the original, known for his weirdly cockney accent and vernacular.

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A different kind of earworm

Much like the parasites heavily featured in the game, an earworm gets stuck in your head. Perhaps the remake’s merchant had the save theme from the original version of the game as an earworm.

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La campana

The frantic first sequence in the village section of the game can be overwhelming for those not expecting that many enemies. But you can actually end this fight early. If you ring the bell in the distance, the ganados (villagers infected with the plagas parasite) will become mesmerised and it’ll trigger the cutscene.

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Return of a classic easter egg

This one was even in the original Resident Evil 4 game. If you’ve yet to play that, word of advice: don’t shoot the lake when you first get to it. Not unless you want to get an early visit from the lake monster.


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The chef’s kiss level of detail

The game takes place in a remote mountainous region of Spain, and the ganados frequently mumble away in Spanish. Gloria a las plagas (glory to the plague). Puedes correr pero no puedes esconderte (you can run but you can’t hide). Two phrases you’ll often hear. In the remake, they updated the typewriter keys to have Spanish descriptions.

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And they don’t stop coming

The hidden details and easter eggs don’t stop there. Not only did they bring the game into their powerful RE engine, upgrade the graphics and add extra plot points, but they also packed the game full of interesting details.

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 7 April 2023