Beating stress with the simple life

Sam McGoughanon 17 July 2020
Beating stress with the simple life

Sometimes less is more. Check out this advice for boosting your wellbeing by living a more simple life.

We’ve all heard of living the simple life. And it can come in many forms, such as reducing your possessions or increasing your self-sufficiency. Or it could be just being satisfied with what you have rather than what you want.

What better time to start the process of self-cleansing than lockdown? So, with time on your side to give yourself a bit more attention, here are five benefits of living a more pared-back existence: 

1. You’ll save more money.

Probably one of the top concerns of most households across the UK is budgeting. Simple living starts with becoming more conscious about what you are spending your money on, and making financially-savvy, sustainable choices, such as buying clothes to last rather than throwaway fast fashion.

2. It allows you time to grow spiritually.

At the moment it’s a great time to start pared-back living because of the lack of distractions like going out all the time, running errands and commuting. And you might find you like it; simpler living gives you the time to look inward and reflect on finding happiness rather than focusing on material items.

3. Your focus and concentration improve.

There’s less clutter around you so there will be less distractions. You will be able to do deep work and focus on what really matters to you without having to deal with things that you don’t care about. This leads to more time on your hands to do what makes you happy, as well as finding new ways to improve yourself. 

4. It boosts your health.

You’ll have more time to exercise, and your blood pressure will decrease because of the lack of stress. And this means you’ll have longer and better sleep. Winner. 

And last, but by no means least:

5. The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

Really think about this, whenever you make coffee in the morning or when you’re out for a walk… just think about this and try to live by it. 

Do you think there’s something to be said for embracing the simple life? How do you ensure you have the time to focus on what’s really important? Let us know your views; join our panel and get a £10 Amazon voucher just for signing up. 

Sam McGoughanon 17 July 2020