9 Things to Enjoy or Avoid Before the Christmas Break

Freya Hugheson 18 November 2019
9 Things to Enjoy or Avoid Before the Christmas Break

After three months living in your own little world with your new best friends, it’s going to be weird to go home.

Your priorities are different to when you last lived at home. You’ve got things to worry about now.

Like what to wear to team night on Wednesday, or how many more house parties can be squeezed in before the end of term. 

And all of that is about to be interrupted.

You’re going to miss university life a lot while you’re back home, in bed by 11 with just your Spiderman posters for company.

Here are some things you’ll want to savour. And a couple you might want to avoid.

1. House parties

There are going to be loads of these springing up each weekend until everyone just ends up partying every day. 

Definitely go to at least some of these. You’ll be surprised at how much you miss your new friends while you’re home for the holidays.

That said, the festive season is one known for its boozing. So, if you’re a bit worried about overdoing it, why not suggest some food before it all kicks off. You’ll probably have a better time, and your mates’ hangovers will actually thank you for it.

2. The flatmate roast

Unless you live with the next Nigella or Jamie, you might want to give this a miss. When the calibre of cooking skills is as low as first term, first year, you’ll risk getting ill just when you would least like to be.

Instead, save up and go out for a roast. It’ll be much more enjoyable and it’s a great excuse to get dolled up. 

There’s a reason they call it Sunday Funday.

3. The university ball

This is usually either an all-out ball or more of a club night vibe.

Which one of these you’re offered says a lot about your university. 

No judgement, of course. You probably had these facts in mind when you were university shopping.

Definitely go to this, no matter what form it takes. It’s a great blow out for you and your friends to enjoy a good old fashioned night out together just before you head home. 

4. End of term study groups

Well here’s a choice for you. Go to a study group or stay in bed? 

Hear us out – even if you spend one hour of your life going over some of your course content before the break, it’ll go in better than if you’d just glanced at the closed book sitting on your desk. 

Just go. January you will thank December you. Then you can hit the pub!

5. The big clean

This is your first of many. 

A rite of passage that a lot of your counterparts won’t bother with. Little do they know, they’ll be returning in January to find mould and mildew on a load of their belongings. Nasty.

Some will say there’s no point – the cleaners in halls will do it. Don’t be this person. Have some respect for the people working at the university, and for yourself. Besides, your cleaners won’t go into your room so if your stuff gets ruined it’s your own fault.

Make it more bearable by cranking up the tunes. Divide up the communal areas. It’s going to be one of the less extreme cleans you’ll need to undertake at university so enjoy the scale of it while you can.

6. Christmas shopping in your university town

Don’t have a nightmare before Christmas, get some of your shopping done before you head home. 

It can made fun – gather your mates (try and bring some strong ones for carrying stuff) and head into town. Aim to buy one thing each and then you can reward yourselves by doing something fun. Like drinking pumpkin flavoured caffeine.

7. Society socials

Often all held on the same night, with the same theme and similar, messy results. Oh, yes. It’s the Christmas social. 

A few facts about this night: the sports teams will aim to get their newer recruits off their faces, you’ll see a sea of Santas (with outfits and effort of various quality), and there will be snakebites everywhere.

If you’re not part of a club or society, you might want to keep clear of the SU that night. Or, if you do go, enjoy seeing the sights!

8. Festive markets

Even if it’s just for the mulled drinks and Instagram opportunities, heading to a local market this time of year has a feeling of magic about it.

Peruse the stalls, enjoy the treats on offer and even pick up a unique present or two.

It’ll be the moments like this you’ll treasure through the holidays, and even after you graduate.

9. Hit the road

Once you get on your way, it’ll feel a bit sad though kinda exciting to head home. You can look forward to fresh laundry, home cooked meals and loving yet incessant parental nagging punctuating your days and nights.

Make the most of this time. There’s going to be a bit of prep you can do for next term, so get a gentle study schedule established (and stuck to). It’ll relieve the pressure when you get back to it.

Enjoy the break!

Freya Hugheson 18 November 2019