Eight places to revise when the library is rammed

Jeremy Cong on 9 May 2017
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Some well-known, some are more unconventional. Here we cast a glance over some potential revision spots you can turn to when the uni library is full to the brim.

Independent cafes

A way of working that is now really the norm, pop into any cafe around the country and you’ll probably find someone on their laptop, guzzling down some overpriced coffee and typing away manically. Not all cafes are equal when it comes to revising though. Take into consideration the size, comfort, and noise levels of cafes at certain times. Cosy cafes may not give you ample space to lay out all your revision material, and small cafes can be cramped spaces once you sit yourself down.

And don’t forget the general popularity of the cafe: during lunch hours and peak times, it might be an absolute nightmare attempting to revise there. Do your research and find a good ‘un beforehand.

Unused classrooms

Unused classrooms are dotted around your campus, especially after 5 pm (generally when most teaching ends). Everything you need is within reach: PCs, big desks, toilet facilities, vending and water machines. There are only two potential pitfalls to take heed of: one is that the campus popo with nothing to do will kick out you and your mates out if they catch you, and the other is competition. Other keen beans may have read this article before and have already bagsied the space. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Your tutor’s office

Provided your tutor is a top lad/lass and that you’ve had wiffy banter going to and fro, they may be willing to allow you to use their room when they’re out of office. It might be a long shot, but worth a try and who knows? Maybe tucked away in your tutor’s stack of books is that holy grail of sources that will help you ace the exam.

Your local public library

Are you one of those people who likes the library environment to revise in? Well then, your best bet could be just using one of your local libraries. Although the opening hours may not be 24/7 and there may not be resources on hand if you need them (relevant books, vending machines, etc), they offer a nice peaceful atmosphere in contrast to the one you’ll find in your uni library during the exam period.

In your car

Why not use your motor as a make-shift revision spot? Drive somewhere nice and quiet where you won’t be disturbed, and your car becomes a little hotspot for you to sink your teeth into a tricky topic without any annoying distractions.

At a buffet

Granted, buffets can be noisy places and full of people chomping and stuffing themselves endlessly. But it’s also a potentially great place to revise for all sorts of reasons. You can zone out the surrounding noise by popping on your headphones, and you have a constant source of sustenance merely 10 feet away from you. Just make you sure to ask the staff if they’re cool with it in the politest way possible.

Walking trails

Walking trails?! What!? Just bear with me a second, I can explain. So this is probably only feasible if you go to a uni with good access to green spaces and woodlands. And because you’re walking (at a very leisurely pace, of course) it means it only suits certain revision methods i.e. walking and revising your flashcards, or listening to an audiobook if you’re a languages student. Again the unpredictable weather we’re having right now means you could find yourself soaked from a surprise thunderstorm. But if it’s decent, you can kill two birds with one stone. Revise and get that beach body ready. #gainz.

In a McDonald's car park

Access to wifi? Check. Toilets? Check. Maccies whenever you need a break? Check. Revising in your car in a McDonalds carpark sounds mad, but at least you avoid the dank, sweatiness of your crammed uni library. Just don’t blame us if you start piling on the pounds.

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Jeremy Cong
Jeremy Cong on 9 May 2017