7 things that annoy all uni students

Molly Judgeon 17 November 2021
7 things that annoy all uni students

What things get under every single student's skin without fail? Read on to find out.

We all have our particular peeves and pet hates, but there are some things that really get on all of our nerves. This is particularly true for students, most of whom will feel some of the exact same grievances throughout the course of their studies.

In a world where people disagree on a lot of things, here are nine things that have annoyed virtually everyone who’s been to uni:

When the tutor doesn’t put your lectures online

While this may seem like a first world problem for grads of the past, after a year of online study there are no excuses for not having digital copies of your lectures. And, if you ask me, lectures are more enjoyable from the comfort of your bed anyway.

When you have to miss uni to catch up with uni

This will sound crazy to some, but most students will understand. How can I catch up with my work and take lecture notes if I have to go to another one now?

Group presentations

Don’t even get me started. They’re a terrible idea. There’s always one person who does nothing, while the others do everything. And it’s not fair. We all end up getting the same stupid grade!

When someone asks about your future plans

One, it’s pretty likely that your course doesn’t lend itself to a specific job or career path, and two, you’re too busy having fun to be thinking too seriously about the future. Throw in the uncertainty caused by two years of Covid and I think we’d all be forgiven for thinking students need a bit more time to figure things out.

9am classes

What is the point? Barely half the class makes it in, and those that do are bleary-eyed and hungover. Even the lecturer doesn’t want to be there!

The contact hours

Students reading BScs tend to have pretty good contact hours, but it’s a joke a joke how few hours BA students get. When you’re paying £9,000 a year to do three hours a week, you’d be forgiven for wondering if it’s worth it.

Finishing uni

For all those things that drive you crazy at uni, the absolute worst part is leaving. While it’s exciting to go into the world, you’ll also be sad because life will never quite be the same: you won’t have as many midweek nights out and it’ll never be quite as acceptable to stay in bed until 3pm on a Tuesday. So make the most of your time there while you can.

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Molly Judgeon 17 November 2021