7 Sexual Health Essentials Every Female Student Needs

Sofie Penn-Slater on 13 July 2017
7 Sexual Health Essentials Every Female Student Needs

Ladies, be kind to yourself by looking after your sexual health at university.

University is a good time to get to grips with your sexual health, girls.

1. Condoms

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And lots of ‘em! If you’re a girl who’s into guys, then make sure you have a stack of condoms on hand at all times. There’s a tonne of different types, so why not treat yourself to a fancy selection box? And if your man complains that ‘it doesn’t feel right without one’, politely (or impolitely, it’s your choice) show him the door. Your sexual health is more important than his comfort, and he sounds like an idiot anyway. And don’t forget to check the expiry dates!

2. OMGYes

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Sex positivity is all well and good, but women have been socialised for years into thinking that their sexual pleasure isn’t as important as that of the blokes they sleep with. It can be tricky to tell your partner what turns you on if you’re not even sure yourself. Emma Watson made headlines in 2016 by promoting the website OMGYes, which aims to lift the veil on the ways women find pleasure, and allow women to become confident in their own sexuality. It’s a tad expensive, but think of it as an investment in your sexual future. There’s nothing more empowering than owning your own sexuality.

Also, check out this adorable French animation about the history of the clitoris.

3. Contraception

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Kinda covered this under ‘condoms’, but there are lots of options out there for sexually active young women who’d rather not saddle themselves with a screaming bairn for finals (and the next 18 years). Do your research, speak to your doctor and find out what contraception is best for you. They type of pill that your bestie swears by might not be the ideal one for you. And remember, only condoms protect you from STIs.

4. An STI Check

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Speaking of, get yourself checked as soon as you get to uni (or before, if you fancy getting a head-start). Start off with a clean bill of health, always use condoms and get yourself checked if you have any symptoms, or if a sexual partner does. You’ll thank us for this.

5. Lube

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There isn’t much more to say on this, but some types of contraceptive pill can wreak havoc on your lady bits, so stock up on the slippery stuff.

6. Somewhere You Can Go To For Advice

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Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and you might find that you need to speak to your GP or another organisation for advice on pregnancy or abortion. Head over the the NHS to find out where to get free, unbiased advice.

7. One of These

You’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man. Get one here.

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Sofie Penn-Slater
Sofie Penn-Slater on 13 July 2017