10 top tips for getting the most out of your graduation

Katie Hall on 28 June 2017
students throwing their mortarboards in the air

With graduation fast approaching, here are our handy top tips for getting the most out of your day!

So, uni is finished and graduation day is almost here. You’re probably feeling excited for your big day, a little unsure about what to expect and possibly even a little nervous! That’s why the Student Hut team has put together this handy guide of top tips for getting the most out of your graduation day.

Early bird catches the mortarboard

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Make sure you get to your ceremony with plenty of time to spare – nobody wants to arrive hot and flustered! If you are early and you’re planning on having an official photo taken, why not see if you can do this before your ceremony – it means you can beat the queues, still look fresh and spend all your time with friends and family after your ceremony.

This one's for the girls

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For you girlies, remember to take some bobby pins to (attempt to!) secure your mortarboard, and possibly some safety pins for your hood if your outfit doesn’t have a button to attach it to, and you don’t like the feeling of it slipping off or strangling you! (Don't do this if your dress/top is made out of a delicate material - the hoods are heavy!)

Happy feet

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Sorry to sound like your mum, but wear comfortable shoes! It’s a long day on your feet and you need to be comfortable walking across the stage! You don’t want to ruin your day worrying about sore feet.

Don't be shy

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Talk to everyone! Catch up with friends, lecturers and that person who was your bestie for all of five minutes in Fresher’s Week! It’s a special day for you all to share. You’ve made the journey together through good times and bad, through nights out and dissertation woes, and you should all be super proud of each other! And remember, you can’t finish the day without some brilliantly clichéd mortarboard-throwing photos with friends!

Work it!

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If you’re the sort of person who usually ducks out of photos, just relax and go with it today – you’re going to want these memories to look back on. Getting an official photo taken does feel a bit awkward and not at all natural, but it’s a lovely keepsake… and it’ll please your parents no end to be able to show if off!

Did someone say "party"?

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There will probably be plenty of alcohol at your graduation. If you feel like it, have some! You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself after all your hard work. Not too much, mind. Unless you want some hilarious “you’ll never guess what I did on my graduation day…” stories!

Keep calm and carry on walking

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Make sure you walk carefully across the stage, but you almost certainly won’t trip, so stop panicking!

You want me to what?

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Beware of funny traditions you have to adhere to during your time up on stage. You might be told to bow to a certain person in a certain chair (probably looks more like a throne if they’re that important!) or to approach the dean with your hands clasped together. Listen carefully when instructed what to do, but don’t get too caught up in it or take it too seriously - it’s just a another funny story you can tell!

Aaaand breathe

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So here it is; our final, and most important, tip for getting the most out of your graduation day. Don't stress. This is your day. You’ve worked so hard for this and everyone is here for you. Make sure you revel in it!

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Katie Hall
Katie Hall on 28 June 2017