10 insanely good meals you can make in the microwave

Lois King on 17 February 2021
10 insanely good meals you can make in the microwave

If you're looking for cheap and easy meals you can make without the oven or stove top, then these are for you. Say hello to comfort food.

Whether you’re stuck in self-isolation with only a microwave to cook your meals, or your workload is just too much to even think about cooking over the stove, here are the best, cheapest meals you can make in the microwave that will save your diet and your student budget. 

1. Risotto

A store cupboard essential that you’ll be glad to have if you’re locked inside your university bedroom with a bout of Covid-19. Risotto rice is versatile, so you can chuck in any other ingredients you fancy - sausages, chorizo or vegetables. You name it, it’ll probably taste good in a risotto. 

2. Chilli 

Sometimes you just need something hearty to beat the winter blues. Cosy up in bed with this winter warmer that’s healthy and easy to make. By using beans instead of meat, you’ll cut down the fat content and the price. 

3. Enchiladas

That’s right - who said microwave cooking couldn’t be fancy?

4. Ratatouille

We’ve gone international with this ultimate microwave cooking, and it’s clear to see why. The more colours in your meal, the more nutritious it is. You can read more about that here

5. Mac ‘n’ cheese

Ok, so we know we’ve been talking about nutrition but who can resist a good mac ‘n’ cheese? This one’s super simple and comforting, perfect for snacking on while writing those essays… Or catching up with Netflix…

6. Nachos

Level up your nachos with fresh guacamole, soured cream, jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

7. Pizza toasts

If you’re not already a pro chef with this recipe, then where have you been? Take a piece of toast, top it with tomato sauce, passata or puree and then go to town on the toppings - ham and pineapple, anyone? 

8. Curry

Say goodbye to the takeaway and hello to innovation. 

9. Brownie

What meal is complete without a dessert? Tuck into a warm brownie, straight out of the microwave with this simple recipe that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. 

10. Carrot cake

If you’re looking to squeeze in one more of your five-a-day, then this is the dessert for just that. You can also substitute the carrot for courgette (trust us, it works). 

If you’re looking for other meal ideas, why not check out our top easy meals for Freshers?

Lois King
Lois King on 17 February 2021