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1 November 2018

Its a great university in a great city! But I'd arguably limited by its size and the cost of living. I believe the university does all it can in terms of providing a great student experience, however, does fall short in some instances. I don't believe the SU is able to cater for all students in regards to the activities it can offer, in addition to this, there does appear to be some inconsistencies when attempting to contact different members of staff, however this could arguably just be my experience and reflect my course only.

1 November 2018

Everyone is nice and welcoming and there are so many opportunities for students. My course is engaging and keeps us entertained while we're learning.

1 November 2018

Brilliant University with great facilities and support systems in place. Thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years studying and was lucky enough to experience it surrounded by a lovely campus in the heart of York.

1 November 2018

So far I am enjoying my time at York St John University. I like the Uni space itself, not too big to get lost. My course is interesting and I'm enjoying the challenge. If I had one bad thing to say it would be that I don't enjoy doing the essays, but they need to be done I suppose.

1 November 2018

Good supportive uni. A real sense of unity and teamwork through the university. Great mental health support and constant support when needed. Beautiful campus and good accommodation.

1 November 2018

The lectures on my course are helpful and easy to talk to. They make it clear and simple what are assignments are and we can approach them if needed. The university campus is easy to navigate with a variety of facilities including multiple food outlets at reasonable prices and a great students union which is perfect for socialising inbetween studies. The university also has a wonderful wellness team, where students can not only seek medical advice but also seek out advice in terms of mental health issues which I think is something that every student needs access to.

25 June 2018

My course is Primary Education upper BA hons. The course itself is very good, I’ve felt as though I’ve been supported as much as I can be and have enjoyed the modules as they clearly relate to a specific job so there’s no feel of “what’s the point”. The students union has recently been refurbished and is lovely! It’s a shame it’s a small university as there aren’t any live bands or gigs there. The library is 24/7 and there’s so much technical and academic help there. The gym is tiny and there’s no pool unfortunately. I’ve been very pleased with my experience however the nightlife isn’t the best.

18 June 2018

The campus is so small which allows it to have a really good feel to it and you feel like a student rather than a number. The lecturers are always on board to help. The university also deals with mental health really well.

16 June 2018

York St John is a small, friendly university. The staff and students are welcoming and there’s always something going on at the SU. The campus and university accommodation are above average and placed very close to the city of York. The city itself is quite small but there’s always things going on. Not the biggest, loudest nightlife but the events and clubs that we do have are always busy and fun. I’ve had a great three years here and would reccomend to anyone who wants the university life without moving to a massive city.

13 June 2018

The campus is beautiful, I looks like hogwarts! The new buildings are amazing too and it’s right in the city centre so you’re never too far away from anything! The facilities are excellent, catering for all types of disabilities etc. State of the art library and online systems which makes studying much easier. The SU is pretty new and rebuilt and it’s superb. With so many different nights on for the students and are always open to lend a helping hand and send fortnightly emails to keep all the students updated on what’s happened around campus and the next big event. For careers services, I haven’t had much experience myself, but I am a student representative for my course so I know that this is something that comes under them, along with putting on study sessions, academic writing sessions and so on. They have drop in and appointment based sessions and are always welcoming right at the heart of campus. My experience so far has been amazing! I’ve never felt out of place.

8 June 2018

York St. John university is a brilliant uni in the best location right in the centre of york! A crazy busy small city with everything you need for an amazing 3 years of uni! The uni is very small and compact, which means you make more friends and have even more fun! Archie’s day is a highlight at the end of each term, with good facilities for a range of courses. The nightlife in york is as good as expected and you never have a dull night. The best three years of my life without a doubt!

5 June 2018

I love to small community nature of the uni and it’s campus. It feels like a big family. The facility’s are really good and with the use of them and the opportunity’s my course provides makes my uni experience amazing.

1 May 2018

The university has a lovely campus and is all on the same site, meaning it takes less than 10 minutes to get from one side to the other. Beautiful old historic buildings with a harry potter feel to them. We graduate in York minster. Oh we also have blankets and bean bags in our library's

28 April 2018

Very nice campus, with old architecture integrated in to the new. nice size campus and not as intimidating as some campuses. The quality of teaching is hit and miss within every subject. business isnt too bad

27 April 2018

Gorgeous city, gorgeous campus, gorgeous life. After moving from the south of England to the north I have learnt the ways of the northerner. YSJ is a gorgeous university to study in and haven’t been disappointed yet.

3 April 2018

The campus is only small, yet feels like you get to know most of the people after seeing them every day or week. The uni is there to help you with anything through the president of wellbeing and diversity at the students union as well as the well-being team within the university.

29 March 2018

The students union, in my option, is fantastic. They hold regular charity events, student nights and overall good quality evenings.

14 March 2018

The campus is amazing, but very small. The quad is gorgeous in the summer though. In terms of facilities, it's quite limited as YSJ is a small uni. But the library is big enough for what we need. My course (Geography) and all the staff involved are exceptional.

3 March 2018

The campus is very close together so it is very easy to get to other buildings. It is situated near the town which I see as a plus. I study history and it is very independent however you are aided in any help you need with the staff being available.

3 March 2018

York St. John is a beautiful university, it reminds me of harry otter with its old buildings! Yet it still has the modern side equiped with everything you need. The staff are all so helpful and friendly, as are the students!

22 February 2018

Overall a good uni just sometimes bit annoying coz of other corses thinking they are more important than others.

10 February 2018

The university itself has the most stunning campus that I have seen. The buildings are set out well and it is easy to find where you’re going and is hard to get lost. My course is Psychology and I feel that I have learnt a lot during my first semester as I am now knowledgable on many areas.

10 February 2018

Great location, very friendly staff. The other students are very easy to get along with. The lecture halls are the best I’ve seen. Great location for going out on a night too lots of bars clubs and pubs

25 January 2018

Facilities are not the best I’ve seen but you can always use them unlike most universities with huge waiting lists. Small SU but everyone is friendly and helpful.