University of Wolverhampton

Review Breakdown

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20 April 2018

Student union is the place to jam and you meet lots of people and everyone is very friendly in the university and everyone gets along with each other and there is no beef.

19 April 2018

My course was not very organised although the team were friendly! The student union was not as big as other university’s and very few union clubs

17 April 2018

University is pretty good tbf. There are also some very good pubs in the surrounding area of the university which is a game changer.

15 April 2018

My course was excellent, very varied content and modules mixed in with field work based outside of university. Campus is large and well equipped. Nice library with large selection of literature. Loved my uni experience

11 April 2018

I attend the Walsall campus and there are not many food places to choose from. I believe the campus itself needs to be as equally developed as the main city campus. I study musical theatre and I have seen no black staff or POC working here. However the course itself is good. I have learned allot. The careers services is amazing and there are so many people available to help with CV's and internships, interviews. In addition the university always upload new jobs available to both undergraduate and post grad students. I have had a challenging experience but I have grown as a person and as a performer and academic.

10 April 2018

The facilities at the university are good and the library opening times are excellent. Even throughout holidays there is someone available in the library to help with queries. There is a lot of help and support surrounding careers advice and part time jobs whilst studying which it extremely useful. Issues occur with the organisation of lectures at the university and the quality of teaching. Overall my expierience of the university is good but I think more support with the academic side of things could be given.

9 April 2018

I’m in my second year of adult nursing. The course is great, I love the placement to theory ratio. The skills lab we are provided with is very high tech and also very life like so gives us a good clinical experience throughout gaining new skills in the course. It also lets us practice in a clinical environment.

9 April 2018

I am in my last year in university now studying Graphic Design abd I absolutely love it, the course has variety of different subjects including Animation, Film, media, photography etc, I love having different assignments brief and coming up with my own design.

9 April 2018

It's a suitable location for students who don't want to travel far from home, easy to get to via bus, train or tram, decent night life but teaching staff and lecturers need Improving.

7 April 2018

The course has been really good, all my lecturers and other staff have been really supportive and this year I have had a lot of helpful lectures from the careers service, as well as a mock interview which has been really useful.

6 April 2018

Wolverhampton is a uni which tries to include everyone but still need improvement in terms of the student union. There aren’t enought activities for foreign students and not a lot of activities for BME student. The food is good, it has a nice viarity in the canteen.

5 April 2018

It is a great university with different great ways of learning styles. Everyone is helpful and supportive here and they have great societies for students as well as events.

3 April 2018

The campus is very well organised and it is very easy to get around the buildings. However, I feel as though there aren’t enough canteens

30 March 2018

Brilliant university with supportive lecturers. I like the quality of the facilities and the teaching and resources are good.

20 March 2018

Overall a friendly atmosphere even before I applied and went to an open day. Staff and students welcomed me and the facilities the university are excellent. Easy to navigate around the campus and the learning centre is a very helpful place to go to.

18 March 2018

Campus is good. Has positive vibes. The facilities are great. Course is hard. Can be exhausting. Student union are very supportive. Overall good uni

14 March 2018

Very good uni, nice staff and good food. Always learn useful information while I’m at university and good facilities.

13 March 2018

Campus is small and easy to get around which is why i chose it in the first place. My course is very full on and lecturers do take time to listen what we have to say and sometimes go above and beyond to make sure we’re happy. Most lecturers answer emails pretty quickly which is helpful.

12 March 2018

The university overall is satisfactory, but the student union is lacking and it is isolated from other universities. Not much going on, not a very social uni where you can network with people and get to know people.

12 March 2018

When you first think of Wolverhampton you probably don’t think of it as a great place to study, but your wrong. I’m here from Scotland and for me to move without checking the place out was a risk but it’s the best decision i could have made. The facilities are incredible with a massive great library with 4 floors of great relevant literature for everyone’s course, great sports facilities with a gym, great buildings filled with classrooms with computers, smart boards etc to enhance learning. As well as all that particularly for my course are lecturers who do everything they can no matter what to help you out even out of class times. I would give the uni 5 stars but I believe everyone can improve no matter what which is why I’m giving them a well deserved 4 star rating. Ay we wolves!!!

8 March 2018

The campus and buildings are all clean and easy to navigate. Pcs and books are up to date. The lectures aren't very good and the tutors aren't very helpful. There is only one tutor who actually helps you any way possible.

6 March 2018

The campus is full of friendly students and staff who have a need to help others in any way possible. Also, the facilities are at a high standard and are suitable for all students needs no matter their capability.

3 March 2018

Good university so many supplies to help with the course. The halls are well looked after and you make tons of friends. The nightlife isn’t the best but the people make it so enjoyable.

3 March 2018

The university is pretty average, not too bad but if I could go back to when I was applying I would have swapped it to be my second choice rather than my firm. The facilities are fine for my subject as all I need is the library, but it would be nice to have a wider range of reading material for history. I don’t have much experience with the students union, as far as I’m concerned it’s just kind of there, we have no student union bar either which really sucks as it would be great to have a safe environment to have a good time. Halls aren’t great either, not what I expected at all.