University of Plymouth

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


19 November 2018

It was difficult to find which nights out to go on as there were multiple events on the same night. This meant some events were fun and busy while others were dry and empty in comparison.

19 November 2018

The move in experience was just as I thought and felt welcomed. Freshers week wasn't the best week as the nights were expensive for what they were. Although, my flatmates loved freshers so I really think it's geared towards people who haven't been out before who h is the main target audience. Make sure you go to the societies fair and sign up for a few things even if you only end up doing one of them. They are essential to meet new people.

19 November 2018

Move in experience was relatively painless. Events were good and there was a lot going on so that was good

11 August 2018

Freshers was banging! Events every night, cheap drinks and a great chance to socialise! Had a blast, would definitely recommend Plymouth to anyone because it’s a great uni and made so many friends in that first week! Thanks plum freshers!!!

10 August 2018

Great show put on by pryzm. Foam parties met loads of new people and set up it was great. The freshers fair was great to see all the clubs and socials available.

8 August 2018

would like to say a big thankyou to the SU with there 5 jaegerbombs for £10 , helping to keep me nowhere near sober throughout freshers week.

9 July 2018

Freshers week was actually 2 weeks long at Plymouth which was great - as I was studying medicine it felt welcoming and exciting to be part of medsoc. The events were good, everything was fairly cheap and the students there know how to have a good time.

4 July 2018

Fresher’s Week at Plymouth University was overall a great experience. There were lots of events at night and throughout the day such as poster sales and themed bar nights - however I would have personally loved if they had organised more activities for those who aren’t particularly interested in going out clubbing every night.

29 June 2018

From what I can remember of freshers week it was one of the best weeks I have experienced at university. You meet so many new people and gain friends for a life time as well as some you met in the toilet and will never see again. Great location, loads of events and cheap!

9 June 2018

Attending the University on my own was daunting to begin with, but by the second day I was already being asked for shopping trips and social events which was comforting. Events wise there’s always something going on! The student halls seem expensive but that’s England for you.

14 April 2018

The first day is the best day, everyone is very nice and will help you with anything you ask. The first week will be a test:) and expensive but good.

11 April 2018

People underestimate freshers week it is such an important part at the beginning of your university experience. Why? Freshers week is that time in your university life where you get to go out enjoy yourself experiencing what it’s like to be independent and to just have fun. It’s the time where you meet your friends, explore the campus, your city and all the opportunities like societies available. As a second year student I would highly recommend making full use of freshers week. The best thing is you can do it every year and a lot of universities also have a Re-Fresher week normally after Christmas to get you back into the spirit of university. It’s not all about getting drunk but you do have a lot of fun.

8 April 2018

As a first year international student, it was an incredible experience meeting new people and exposing myself to different cultures (drinking cultures especially ;) ) freshers fair was well promoted. Each club and societies also had taster sessions which i found it great as to picking the right club/society i enjoyed. tips for new students is to never miss out on university events, you never know what awaits you!

3 April 2018

Freshers’ Week was awesome! All of the activities and nights out were well organised and it was just a really great atmosphere to meet people and make lots of new friends!

Paige Burton
29 March 2018

The freshers week was very organised and fun. The student union put on events every night and Plymouth nightlife was great especially when meeting new people.

29 March 2018

It’s a great way to meet like minded students and have fun before the hard work starts. I absolutely loved my freshers week

26 March 2018

Plymouth has been a great experience. Moving in was smooth and enjoyable to meet new people. Events have been great such as bucs.

25 March 2018

Going clubbing with new friends I gues was fun but to be honest I’m plymouth, the night life scene just isn’t that great. There were some fun activities put on by the halls of residence which was entertaining. I enjoyed the freshers fairs and all the free stuff you got was shit useless stuff but you know who cares? It was free

23 March 2018

Didn't go to fresher's as I'm at South Devon College doing a Higher National Certificate in Engineering.

23 March 2018

The university is in a fantastic location! Beautiful scenery and a very cool history in the town. The night life is fantastic, there is always something to do! The accommodation is very expensive and I feel that my course (graphic design) is dated and not good.

22 March 2018

Moving in was quick and easy. Meeting the rest of the flat was fun and we all got along. Went to a ton of events all around Plymouth and had a great time. Also there were also a lot of opportunities to look at the clubs and societies in Plymouth.

22 March 2018

The friends you make in halls can end up being friends for life couldn't recommend staying in halls much more. When in halls in first year socialise as much as possible as time moves on you'll have less time to do so. Therefore make the most of it!