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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
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Freshers' Fair


5 December 2018

The fresher reps were great, and made us feel like home, the uni did it's best to intergrate the students together

4 December 2018

All freshers are welcomed to campus and city, I felt like I fit right in. Since I am not a local, I felt like I would not get involved in many freshers activities, but after visiting the freshers fairs, I felt like I should get stuck into anything and everything that I can.

9 July 2018

Moving in was simple and easy and immediately I felt welcomed by the student ambassadors. There was a plan every evening for going out and every day there were activities that were so fun and inclusive. Freshers week at Lancaster is an event not to be missed

5 July 2018

freshers week was really good… there was loads of events durning the day and a lot of nights out… helped to meet new people and make friends.

29 June 2018

It sound silly but having anxiety made it difficult for me to put myself out there and nightlife etc unless it's a quiet pub night is not for me, so when my flatmates were going out to the clubs or pre-drinking, I was having internal anxiety attacks, struggling to actually connect with them. I think I'd have enjoyed freshers more and made more lovely friends if there were more chilled out or non-drinking events.

27 June 2018

Fresher's week at Lancaster University was great (went every year), with events every day and night to keep you entertained and easily meet new people to settle in quickly. There are events both on and off campus making it easily accessible for all.

25 June 2018

Fresher reps helped us move in, there wasn't too much going on in terms of non-alcoholic events but there were pub quizzes, treasure hunts for prizes and that sort of thing. Pretty sure every day was a night out in a different bar and you get free entry to all the clubs if you wear the shirt. 10/10 would fresher again.

25 June 2018

The college system means that it it easy to make friends. Houses compete against other houses in competitions and there’s many events on and off campus which encourage interacting with new people such as bar crawls and drinking comps.

9 June 2018

Overall good experience. Reps got everyone out and didn't put pressure on people to drink. I wouldn't recommend going out 5 nights in a row however

28 April 2018

The actual moving in, people and place are lovely. But the actual events and clubs are awful in Lancaster.

22 April 2018

Fantastic I thoroughly enjoyed every night. Cheap and safe nights to be had in Lancaster and larger cities nearby!

20 April 2018

Very easy to meet new people, and the move in experience was great! The only down side was the lack of variation during the freshers events, but then again I guess it is lancaster

11 April 2018

Freshers' week was really well organised in my college. We had various activities, chances to meet your housemates and the reps were so helpful.

31 March 2018

Freshers was such an amazing opportunity to meet new people, make friends and get a feel for the university. Booze was ridiculously cheap and all the uni’s activities and society sign ups where very well organised.

31 March 2018

Really good experience but uni could have done more to introduce us to people that weren't in our actual accommodation - barely knew anyone outside of my house after the first week

29 March 2018

It was suppppper amazing. Very good fun and welcoming. Got very drunk and had good time at party. 10/10 would fresherr again. Very fun time in town club

27 March 2018

When I moved into uni, we had great time with lots of freshers events day and night. Nights outs to day to day sports engagement activities. The freshers fair was a fav getting testers and freebies.

26 March 2018

The moving in experience was a dream. I could not have settled in better. The freshers reps did an amazing job helping us to settle in and there were constant events running throughout the week.

25 March 2018

As a fresher my moving experience was great, as there were constantly party's in my halls. The events where mostly party's, thus making it harder for a shy person to fit in. Nevertheless I think that participating in those events and in societies is very helpful for freshers to meet new people

24 March 2018

Move in experience was great, people were on hand to help and the college atmosphere was very welcoming! We had fresher reps that showed us the best places for a night out in Lancaster as well as helping with any other worries. A tip for a new student? Relax! Just enjoy whatever you are doing, whether you drink or whether you don’t, freshers is a great time to meet people!