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Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


19 November 2018

If you join as a beginner to this society, it is an extremely fun and sociable experience whilst also getting you fit. You have access to expensive boats and have professional coaching. If you choose to join as an intermediate/advanced rower, or go on to this after your year as a beginner, the training programme is slightly more intense but you are fully prepared for this as rowers (beginners included) at Exeter Univeristy usually train around 6/7 times a week.

19 November 2018

Rowing at Exeter is excellent. The training is hard but the physical and mental benefits are worth it. It's a very social club and has a great team atmosphere.

17 September 2018

Great club with great people. I was scared of coming to university initially but throwing myself into rowing with other freshers helped me make friends quickly and enjoying myself much more than I would’ve otherwise.

9 March 2018

Very friendly club. The frequency of the training means you get to know everyone very well. Gets you crazy fit as well. Its a bit on the pricey side to join but that gets you access to great equipment, countless hours of quality coaching and the rowing gym. The rowing only gym is a bit ghetto but its way cheaper than the uni one. Competent dedicated committe. If you like crazy drink in socials maybe not for you because everyone has to get up at 5 am the next day. Very incectous club though so if you're looking to pull go for rowing.