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3 November 2018

Overall a good university with good services. Several minor issues but the staff have been super helpful and responsive

3 November 2018

Easy course Chilled atmosphere Not as much support as I'd like/needed The best location Boring lectures Good nightlife Enjoy that it's all campus based - small city so everything is easily accessible

3 November 2018

completing my bachelors in aeronautical and manufacturing engineering, the course is very good, the modules are very interesting, one or two lectures could be a little better with their teaching methods but overall I would recommend the course to others

3 November 2018

Very good and helpful. Only four stars at the moment as I have only been there for a few months so still getting to know about everything.

3 November 2018

Excellent student union-very connected able to organise various events throughout the year. Engineering department has various new facilities and laboratories however the course could include more practicals/ projects as it is very coursework&exam base heavy. I live at the newly built bay campus- alothugh rent is fairly expensive it's definitely worth it for how close lectures are (literally 5min walk)

3 November 2018

The university really listens to students.Im doing undergrad engineering and even in my first year , when students spoke to student reps the change would hit the same semester even. And lecturers take into account the feedback given during the term , its great. There are tons of networking opportunities, societies and help for anything and everything. Its a windy place but i can tell when its over ill be fond of the memories made here.

3 November 2018

Love everything we at the uni, it's amazing and I couldn't ask for more as there is great support system and incredible facilities.

3 November 2018

(I study on Bay campus only) Swansea Bay Campus is slightly out of town and thus is fairly difficult to get to/stay on at a low cost. Having said this, the campus itself is incredible and the facilities are truly second to none. I study chemical engineering and the lecturers are extremely helpful, genuinely kind and very supportive, I have never had a problem getting advice from a lecturer in the past. The personal facilities (Gym/cafeteria/shop/restaurant) on campus are fairly expensive and there isn't a huge amount of choice, however every student is currently being made well aware that change is on its way and feedback is both important and hugely sought after. To conclude, although there are a few small snags with the brand new campus itself, this can be expected on an ongoing project and everyone is frequently prompted to give feedback and various aspects in order for these experiences to be improved for students.

3 November 2018

I have had the best time of my life at Swansea University. The atmosphere is very good and enjoyable. Living in halls was a lot of fun and now living in student area Uplands is also great fun. The only criticism I have is of the new Bay Campus, which is a beautiful campus yet the travel to the campus is long.

3 November 2018

I'm in my second year in the uni now and overall I have had a good experience. Last year I had issues with my accomodation but they were all solved by the uni in a decent enough amount of time. The teaching standard on my course (Welsh) is great and all of the lecturers are willing to help in any situation. The university is very organised with things such as blackboard and timetable and I get regular emails from them about anything important that's happening.

3 November 2018

Great Uni, with beautiful surroundings, fun nightlife and supportive lectures. I wish I could have studied there for longer. So I could enjoy the mumbles for longer. It has grown in reputation on an upward trajectory when its neighbour is on a downward one.

3 November 2018

I love living/studying at Swansea university! It's in a great location right by the sea and I love the new buildings on bay However I do normally struggle to find a space when I go into bay librsry, so I think bay librsry needs to be expanded. The buses are very good and frequent and the mobile app with the bus passes on works very well.

8 August 2018

Great university with a beach on campus for the summer. Great helpful staff with the right level of support

9 July 2018

Campus on the bay has an amazing view but parking is a nightmare. Everything is new but construction is still underway

2 July 2018

Singleton Campus is class, Bay Campus is getting there. BA course was great, MA course less so. SU throws great events!

30 June 2018

Great location. Lecturers are always massively helpful and there whenever I need them. Online resources are superb

17 June 2018

the campus is very good for engineering. Good equipment from windtunnels to flight simulator.The lecture rooms are good and capable to fit 100 and more people. Only thing is that with engineering, all coursework gets handed nearly all at once so it gets very stressful. the library is big but unfortunately can't cope with the amount of new students studying in the uni.

9 June 2018

The new campus is great but I wish it had more sports facilities and a bigger gym. I didn’t really use the students union for much at all. The career services are really good as they set you up very well for you’re year in industry. The lecturers struggled to record lecturers, it only takes one or two training days for IT staff to show them how to do it. Some of the lecturers materials online were genuinely appalling.

7 June 2018

Swansea Uni has been a very enjoyable university to study at, and has climbed up the rankings throughout my time here. It is especially good for my course, Biochemistry, which is situated in the 3rd best college of medicine in the UK behind only Oxford and Cambridge. The uni has had a lot of investment into new labs and equipment to achieve the highest standards of practicals and research, as well as money going into the re-development of both Bay Campus and Singleton Campus. Swansea isn’t a terrible city to be in either, and has everything you could need with most shops only a short distance from the student housing.

6 June 2018

Of two campuses Swansea University offer, I study on Singleton Campus. The amenities it offers are everything you could need as a student, and acts as a little village for those who attend it. The location is incredibly beautiful, being right next to the sea. Perfect for when the weather is nice. Transport links are also good so if you're looking to go out and about, it's very easy to do.

6 June 2018

Super university. I have studied here my Bachelor Degree and had an absolute blast time. The university has many things to offer and the most I loved is how international it is. The main focus of the university is to make the student feel home and give a hand whenever they can. Definitely one of the best universities.

6 June 2018

Generally good services and facilities on campus. More space in the library to study would be helpful as the area can get fairly busy.

4 June 2018

Swansea university is a great place for students who want to enjoy a care-free uni life beside the beach. The atmosphere here is not competitive and people are very helpful. The Welsh locals here are known to be very nice people. Swansea university has 2 campuses, singleton and bay. In singleton, you can enjoy a more rustic and homely feel while on bay as everything is new, it feels pretty modern.

4 May 2018

Swansea University have two campus, I would say new campus is excellent. Everything is new and modern. The only concern is the campus was little far from city center.