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3 November 2018

Facilities are good over both campuses, staff are usually friendly and are able to help you with what you need

12 June 2018

The Bay campus is modern and has lots to do down on site, including a library to study and sports hall.

23 April 2018

Swansea university is overly good, it has good support from lectures and staff when needed, the bonus of Swansea is it’s next door to the beach so in between lectures or after it’s a good place to relax or even revise

1 April 2018

The campus is beautiful, but the facilities are not very great. Very kind university and always willing to help. Organise alot of activities and can be fun if you want to attend things.

28 March 2018

Good but room for improvement. The lecture theatre need to be nearer and lecturers need to deliver better. Course is too rushed and not much support available

9 March 2018

Location is not great, neither are facilities. Feels very old fashioned. But overall teachers are good, they crack down on attendance and I enjoy my course

27 February 2018

Overall the new campus is of high standart with decent modern equipment, but cannot say the same about the old one. Some courses are great, but some lectures dont put that much effort into their respected course. I personally have one too many courses i am not satisfied with, but am impressed with the ones i do like and feel they are of high standart and the material is well organized and layed out brilliantly on the blackboard for us. Submission of courseworks is easy and lecturers are always happy to answer question.

5 February 2018

I hate my course with a passion but the opportunities for my swimming here is amazing. The university is outstanding. Transport links are great, I make do with the accommodation. But I feel so isolated and hate my course. Everything else is amazing

5 February 2018

The university’s new campus is right beside a beautiful beach. Although the buildings for the school of Management and Engineering is new and high tech, the campus is obviously lack of food and restaurant. There’s only a half cafe half bar providing pizza and sandwiches, a Tesco Express, and Starbucks. The lack of choose is literally a disappointment.