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20 April 2018

Quite proud to go to this university. Although much can be improved. I think my lecturers are very helpful and overall I enjoy my course. However, the university must be better organised in order to ensure a smooth running.

17 April 2018

The campus is small but right in the city centre which makes it very accessible. Also everything is very close by. The career and placement centre is always available to help students achieve their goals.

12 April 2018

Absolutely loved Aston University. It is one of the smaller universities so there is a bit of a sense of an Aston community. All the lecturers that I came across all knew what they were talking about, what they were doing and they were always there to help with anything. I found this to be especially true in my final year with my dissertation. My course was a sandwich course and the fact that the year in industry was compulsory with my course made it really motivating for me to find a placement. I like how a lot of courses have this compulsory requirement because the experience you get from it is invaluable. Finally, I am not from Birmingham but it is a brilliant student city with a really good night life! There was something going on every night and most days. If there wasn’t something going on at the university, there would definitely be something going on somewhere in Birmingham.

10 April 2018

Aston University is an excellent place to stud and to meet new people. It's cohort is extremely diverse and it has a great international student program. The courses teach information which is interesting and relevant. With courses covering concepts that are important for a student entering the modern world. Aston also has a great many social clubs and society's that allow students to fully submerge themselves into the student life.

8 April 2018

A small to medium sized friendly campus where everyone pretty much knows everyone. The campus filled with good facilitated student accommodations, a gym including a swimming pool, along with exercise classes. Our very own students union are as supportive as the career services, placements coordinators along with lecturers. University has been the best years of my life which I wish I could keep replaying. Thewhole experience of moving from one city to another has made me independent and stronger.

25 March 2018

Excellent uni! I’ve had the best experience so far and so glad to be living back on campus again in my second year. So happy aston has that advantage

21 March 2018

Aston University is a world-class campus based in the city of Birmingham (in the city centre to be exact). This institution prides itself on training young people to excel in the professions and has excellent international and local links. A research-led university that offers practical and current teaching that enables students to put their learning into practice during their placement year. The university is, in addition, the first to run degree apprenticeship courses and across all courses technology and online learning supports learning. The culture and life on campus is second to none, a small community as many describe the life at Aston to be like - there are many clubs and societies who regularly meet up and work together to build a diverse and integrated community. I love being a student here at Aston, the campus is picturesque and minutes walk from the city centre where there is an array of activities, shops and nighttime venues.

18 March 2018

Resources such as the library are amazing and the lectures will do what they can to help. Student union is amazing and makes everyone feel welcome

5 March 2018

This is a fantastic place to go if you want to feel like part of a community. Everyone is so welcoming and there are lots of societies for just about anything you could ever want! The lecturers know their stuff and there's a wide variety of courses available, so I think anyone would benefit from studying here. (Also, there's free tea and coffee, what more could you want?)

5 March 2018

As an exchange student, I was really well welcomed by all the activities organised for Fresher's week. Moreover, I feel have really benefited from my time here, blessed to have had really passionate teachers, access to a huge library, and great facilities in general.

2 March 2018

After spending four years at Aston University, all I have to say is that I do not want to leave, not because I’m not prepared for working life, rather, I’ve built so many skills, learnt so much during my time there. Yes, it has been a challenging journey, however, with all the support that I regularly received, it drove me to success. My course: French & German is a relatively small department. But I have enjoyed every second of my course and it was riveting, thought provoking and challenging. I am proud of what I have achieved at Aston.

25 February 2018

Very nice uni and very nice courses. Love studying here as it has good facilities and the student union is also very good.

22 February 2018

The best uni in terms of location - centred in the central with shops restaurants hotels literally everything within walking distance!

22 February 2018

Aston University is a great place for all kind of different people from all over the world. Great international community and support is given by The Hub in the Main Aston Building. As an Erasmus+ student here I am more than satisfied with all the support I and my friends get from other Aston students.

22 February 2018

Great location of the campus. We have really brilliant support for the international student. You can solve any of your problems in 10 minutes in the HUB or via mailing with your mentor. The student union is really friendly.

16 February 2018

The university might not be the biggest, but it gives me a very "cosy" feel and I am enjoying the whole University experience to the full!

16 February 2018

The university provides full student support. The library contains a lot of resources, which help greatly.

12 February 2018

Great university, very central to all local commodities. Very supportive services across campus and the student accommodation is very affordable and of a high standard

29 January 2018

Good university, large choice of course available from different schools. Perfect location in the city centre with perfect transport links